Windows 11 Is Now Available for Some Users

It will release in a staggered rollout depending on user hardware

Microsoft officially has released Windows 11, and it will be available via a staggered rollout.

On Tuesday, Microsoft began rolling out the release of Windows 11, starting with computers running Windows 10 and those that launched with a preloaded version of Windows. Microsoft says that users will be notified of their eligibility over the coming months, and it's aiming to complete the rollout sometime in mid-2022.

Man using Windows 11 on a laptop

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Windows 11 introduces a number of changes to Microsoft’s core operating system, including a new Start Menu and a few other notable interface changes. It isn’t as big of an upgrade as Windows 10 was back when it first released, but Microsoft is looking to provide several new tools and features aimed towards better multitasking, support for Android apps, and smoother integration with Microsoft Teams.

Users can check the compatibility of their system with Windows 11 on the Microsoft website. You can also look over the full requirements for Windows 11 to see how your system stacks up, but it is important to note that you'll need to have Trusted Platform Module version 2.0 installed on your system to install it. You'll also need a graphics card with support for DirectX 12 or later.

Windows 11 compatibility checker


Windows 11 also will come pre-loaded on new Windows laptops, including Microsoft’s latest Surface laptops.

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