Windows 11 Gets Its First Android Apps

Microsoft plans to add more over time

One of the biggest features of Windows 11—the ability to use Android apps on your PC—is finally available.

Microsoft at last is bringing Android apps to Windows 11. Originally announced with the reveal of the new operating system, the feature didn’t launch with Windows 11 at the start of October. Now, however, Amazon and Microsoft are partnering to make Android apps available on the PC.

Amazon Appstore preview in Microsoft Store


The feature is currently available to users in the Windows Insider Beta program, which you can sign up for at any point from the Windows Update screen on your PC.

The number of apps available to download is limited, though Microsoft and Amazon have shared plans to improve that aspect in the future. For now, though, the apps include things like Kindle, the United Airlines app, and Khan Academy Kids.

It’s unclear exactly how many apps Microsoft plans to transition over and support on Windows 11, though Amazon has outlined information about how developers can get involved.

Person using Android app running on Windows 11 tablet PC


Support for Android apps on Windows 11 works similarly to how the new operating system supports Linux apps. Essentially, it runs the apps in a special subsystem that lets them work natively on your PC.

Users interested in trying out the new system can download the latest Windows 11 update from the Windows Insider Beta channel.

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