Windows 11 Doesn't Want You Changing the Default Browser

You're in for a rough time if you don't set a new default browser

Windows 11 makes it much more difficult to change your default web browser, while also outright ignoring the browser default settings you adjusted.

Microsoft really wants its Edge web browser to be popular, to the point that it's actively making it a challenge to set other browsers as the default in Windows 11. The Verge explains that, while changing defaults is still possible, if you miss the "Always use this app" toggle when starting up a new browser, you'll have to start digging into menus.

Microsoft Edge web browser


The process now involves changing individual file or link type defaults one-by-one for the browser you want to use. It's a much longer and more confusing process than Windows 10's Default Apps menu approach.

In addition, Windows 11 has been ignoring new default settings entirely. Performing a search in Windows 11 will still open Microsoft Edge, regardless of which browser you have set as your default. A new dedicated widgets area in the new operating system flat-out ignores alternate browser defaults as well.

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The Verge also points out how Windows 10 has a habit of prompting users to switch back to Edge every time there's a Windows update, and Windows 11 could do the same. While Microsoft claims to be listening to customer feedback to improve the user experience, these developments imply it's far more interested in pushing its web browser.

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