Windows 11 Apps Get Their First Update

More improvements on the horizon

Microsoft has announced that it’s updating some of the apps for Windows 11.

The announcement was made on the Windows Insider Blog, which details the first group of apps that will be affected: the Snipping Tool, Calculator, and the Mail and Calendar app.

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The Snipping Tool has been given a redesign to make it appear more like previous iterations, as well as a new settings menu and a dark mode.

The tool also has been given new functions like a WIN + SHIFT + S keyboard shortcut to select which part of the screen to capture. Users will be given the ability to choose how they want the screenshot to look, with options like Rectangular Snip, Fullscreen Snip, or a Windows Snip.

The Calculator app has been given some of the same design changes as the Snipping Tool. It now comes with a Programmer Mode that includes new features for programming and engineering, and even a new Graphing Mode, which lets users plot equations and analyze them. Additional functions include being able to convert between more than 100 different units and currencies.

The Calculator app also has been rewritten in C#, and Microsoft has posted the app onto GitHub to allow people to contribute to the project.

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It appears that the Mail and Calendar app has only received aesthetic changes with no new functionalities. The app can now reflect the current theme of a Windows 11 computer. It's unknown if Microsoft plans to add any new features or changes to the Mail and Calendar app beyond this redesign.

Currently, Windows 11 is in beta, available for members of the Windows Insider Program. Microsoft has yet to give an official date for when the finished operating system will release.

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