Windows 10 is Officially Done in October 2025

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 support will end after 10 years

It should not come as a surprise that Microsoft has announced the end of life for Windows 10, just in time to share what's coming next.

Microsoft officially has revealed that it plans to discontinue support for Windows 10 Home and Pro on October 14, 2025. The date was posted on the Windows 10 Lifecycle page on Microsoft's website, and the cutoff will apply to the Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations editions. Until then, Microsoft will continue to provide semi-annual support.

Windows 10


This puts the current operating system at roughly halfway through its lifecycle, having launched a little less than six years ago in July 2015.

Slashgear points out that there is some speculation surrounding this information and the upcoming What's Next for Windows event at 11 a.m. ET on June 24. Since support for Windows 10 is ending in four years, it's possible that Microsoft will use that opportunity to announce its next operating system. If there is such an announcement, this new Windows OS likely will not be available until later this year.

The response to this news has been a mixture of indifference and interest. Twitter user @Daniel_Rubino points out "On the Windows 10 support ending in 2025 news, just a reminder, we've known about that since July 2015," referring to Microsoft's Modern Lifecycle Policy. The policy offers 10 years of OS support and has applied to other versions as far back as Windows 3.0.

Others are excited by the possibilities, as Windows as a Service implied that Windows 10 would be the "last" version of Windows. This news has users buzzing about the possibilities of what an all-new Windows operating system could be like.

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