The Wii's 5 Wackiest, Weirdest Add-Ons

Why bother with Swords and Golf Clubs When You Can Buy a Virtual Bowling Ball?

Has using one’s imagination become passé?  Perhaps so, judging by the myriad add-ons for the Wii remote that claim to make the game experience feel more “real.” Golf clubs for golf games, swords for dueling games, wheels for racing games, guns for shooters. Most of these add-ons are simple pieces of plastic that, if well made, add a little extra fun to a game, but some are downright kooky.  These are my nominees for the oddest, most over-the-top or least practical accessories produced for the Wii (all but one created by the masters of the silly accessory, CTA Digital).

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Wii Music Pack (EZ Gear)

Wii Music Pack
Image via EZ Gear

Few games have been quite as purposeless as Wii Music, but that didn’t stop EZ Gear from creating an add-on pack consisting of a plastic saxophone, violin, and drumstick (the website also offers a “bonus” tambourine that looks like a repurposed steering wheel).  Considering how little there is to the actual game, the peripherals could be the​ most fun part of playing it. 

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Basketball and Football (CTA Digital)

Wii Football
Image via Amazon

CTA Digital’s Basketball and Football add-ons tie for fourth, being similar in both intent and inherent flaw. The most popular add-ons – wheels, swords, guns – make sense because they allow you to use the Wii remote as you would the equivalent real-world item. But in both basketball and football, you don’t simply pantomime throwing, you actually throw, and that is the very thing you are not going to want to do while playing a Wii game.

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Bowling Ball (CTA Digital)

Wii Bowling Ball
Image via Amazon

Arguably a Bowling Ball add-on doesn’t make any less sense than a basketball or football add-on, yet to me, it just seems like a funnier idea. Once again, it doesn’t make much sense because you can’t let go. I suppose what is really needed is an elastic strap that will let you release the ball and have it go a couple of inches and come back to you.

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Rowing Machine (CTA Digital)

Rowing Machine
Image via Amazon

CTA Digital is constantly upping the absurdity of their accessories.  This is probably the fault of the gaming press.  After all, when CTA puts out a remote charger or a silicone sleeve, it gets little notice, but the moment they put out something crazy like a bowling ball or this rowing machine, they pop up in a million gaming blogs.  The rowing machine, designed, judging by CTA’s video, as an adjunct to ​Wii Sports Resort’s canoeing mini-game, will presumably give you some extra exercise while you row, but looks like the single most impractical thing CTA has come up with.  It also appeared in a lot of blogs.

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Wings (CTA Digital)

Wii Wings
Image via CTA Digital

These Wings take the wacky top spot not simply because they’re a very silly add-on designed to improve the experience of flapping your arms in Wii Fit Plus’s flapping mini-game but also because they look like something you could make yourself.  Seriously, cut the flaps of a cardboard box into wings and create straps with duct tape and you’ve got an inexpensive, equally ridiculous set of wings. Or you could just USE YOUR IMAGINATION!