Wii U Games Rumor Watch - A List of Unverified Games

A Look at Games that Someone Says Are Being Planned for the Wii U

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A lot of games have been announced for the Wii U, but there are still many rumored games that have not been announced. Here's list of games that may, or may not, come out for the Wii U, including those made up entirely of rumors and those that have been announced but which I’m skeptical about due to a lack of hard information or very distant release date.

For a list of verified Wii U games, go here.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
What it is: Port of the DS game.
Likelihood: Never happened.
Source: Nintendo News sleuthing.

Untitled Project From Human Head Studios
What it is: Unknown.
Likelihood: This turned out to be Batman: Arkham Origins.
Source: Kotaku article laying out possibility of Human Head alias working with Nintendo.

Shenmue 3
What it is: A new entry in the long dormant fighting/adventure game.
Likelihood: None. A few slight hints of something happening with Shenmue went nowhere, and the only reason it might come out for the Wii U is because SEGA and Nintendo have been working together - but only on Sonic games. Years after the Shenmue/Wii U rumors surfaced, a Shenmue kickstarter was announced, but no Wii U target.
Source: Theory on NeoGAF.

ZombiU sequel
What it is: Sequel to the horror-survival game.
Likelihood: Not much of a chance. While the game was fairly popular among Wii U owners, there were so few of those that it didn't come close to making money. It was later ported to other systems, but I never saw sales figures for it.
Source: A few tweets..

F-Zero U
What it is: A new entry in the futuristic racing series.
Likelihood: The tweet sounds pretty assured, so more likely than not.
Source: Tweet from someone at Shin'en, a developer that has made eShop titles for the Wii U and Wii.

What it is: A puzzle-adventure game that looks a bit like Myst.
Likelihood: Low.
Source: After announcing PS4 exclusivity, they posted on their that this was temporary exclusivity and that it would be "a while" before it comes to the Wii U or next Microsoft console. The developer later said a Wii U version was "unlikely."

Rainbow 6: Patriots
What it is: FPS
Likelihood: So far Ubisoft has been fairly supportive of the Wii U, so this is possible.
Source: An EBGames printout that was correct about a Wii U "Watch Dogs."

Mass Effect Trilogy, Mass Effect 4, or both
What it is: Action/RPG series entries
Likelihood: None; EA has pretty much written off the Wii U.
Source: A Bioware rep, in the context of the Wii U, said the company has "plans for the Wii U.

Lost Planet 3
What it is: Entry in the Snow-based action game series.
Likelihood: I'm skeptical.
Source: Game Informer.

Demon Tribe
What it is: An action/RPG that has only been announced for iOS.
Likelihood: No idea.
Source: Source code of a teaser website.

Grand Theft Auto V
What it is: Upcoming entry in the open-world action crime game.
Likelihood: Probably no chance, now that the game has come out for other platforms and there's been no mention of a Wii U version..
Source: Listing by a Swedish game retailer. It probably isn't actually in production now, but Rockstar's Vice President says it's a possibility.

Kid Icarus Uprising
What it is: Presumably a port of the DS game.
Likelihood: Well, not impossible.
Source: A listing on a French site, with mocked up box art for the Wii rather than the Wii U.

Star Fox - Metroid: Fusion Saga
What it is: A rumored combined-franchise title possibly being developed by Retro Studios.
Likelihood: Zero. A Star Fox game was eventually announced, and it's also been announced that a proper Metroid game is years away, so it seems the two were never really an item..

Bioshock Infinite
What it is: Entry in the FPS series.
Likelihood: Unlikely. Rumors come and go on this one, but nothing seems to have even been decided, let alone started.
Source: Click Online.

What it is: Gaming god Jordan Mechner's remake of his first game.
Likelihood: Not very likely, although there is an ESRB rating for it.
Rumor source: ESRB via Joystiq.

What it is: Part of the Colin McRae Rally racing series. No word on whether this is a port of one of the existing games or something new.
Likelihood: Slight. This was announced as being a Wii U title in 2011, but in 2013 the publisher said a Wii U version was not on its program slate.

F1 Race Stars
What it is: Something in the Formula 1 series.
Likelihood: I'm dubious; nothing's been said about it for some time.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online
What it is: A third person action MMO. It will be released this year on the PC as a free-to-play, downloadable game, and Ubisoft says they would like to do the same thing on the Wii U, although they will first have to see if in-game purchases will work on the console.
Likelihood: Ubisoft has apparently put their Wii U version "on hold," and have suggested a decision about whether to produce a Wii U version is a ways off.

Dreamfall: Chapters
What it is: Continuation of the adventure game series that started with The Longest Journey.
Likelihood: None. The game came out, it wasn't on the Wii U.
Source: Blog post by director.

Devil’s Third
What it is: An upcoming third person shooter from the guy who created the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series.
Likelihood: It happened after the game wound up in limbo and Nintendo decided to publish it..

Battlefield Wii U (Not Battlefield 3)
What it is: Something in the series.
Likelihood: Not going to happen. EA has stopped most support for the Wii U, and this is dead.
How it would use the Wii U Controller: EA’s president has said the controller might be used for “playing the game from a commander mode” or “being able to drive from a different position inside of a vehicle,” whatever that means.

Guitar Hero
What we know: There’s a rumor floating around that "some guy" connected with Activision says there will be a Wii U Guitar Hero game. This would be a little surprising, since Activision cancelled development of the last planned GH game, but that’s the rumor.
Liklihood: Years after the rumor surfaced, Guitar Hero Live was announced.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2
Likelihood: Unlikely.
What it is: A rumored multi-platform entry in the series. A rumor was floating around that it might make the Wii U, but word now is it won't, although the producer has said he wouldn't rule it out completely.

Metal Gear Solid
Likelihood: Unlikely.
What we know: Kojima Productions, who develop the MGS games, “definitely have things in mind [for the Wii U],” although they sound like they want to wait and see if the console is successful before jumping in. So whatever they may do, don’t expect anything anytime soon.

Medal of Honor Warfighter
What it is: Latest entry in the long-running stealth-action series.
Likelihood: Another dead project owing to EA's attitude towards the Wii U.
Source: An Austrian newspaper said so, but that was long ago and there's been nothing since.

Kingdom Hearts: HD Remix or Kingdom Hearts: Remembrance
What it is: A collection of previous games in the series.
Likelihood: No real indication this will ever happen.
Source: Anonymous Source

Final Fantasy game
Likelihood: Doesn't look like it.
What we know: A Square producer says the publisher is “now considering the possibilities of bringing the Final Fantasy series to the format.” The hope is they are considering bringing something in the numbered series to the Wii U rather than the spin-offs they published on the Wii.

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation
What it is: Remake of the FPS.
Likelihood: I wouldn't count on it.
Source: Some Polish business document.