Top Wii Remote Chargers and Comparison Chart

Which Wii chargers are worth buying and why

Energizer Flat Panel 4X Induction Charging System


Nintendo's Wii remote was a clever and original controller, but when it was first released, it, unfortunately, did not include rechargeable battery technology that its competitors had embraced, much to the consternation of avid Wii gamers.

However, third-party manufacturers stepped in to offer options that save players from having to keep a supply of disposable batteries around. Eventually, years after the Wii was launched, Nintendo did release their own rechargeable battery solution for Wii controllers.

Deciding which are the best Wii remote chargers involves looking at a few key points gamers expect and that each controller has—or lacks.

Types of Rechargeable Systems

The components of any charging system are a rechargeable battery to put in the Wii remote, and a base unit to charge it with.

Chargers are divided into conductive and inductive models. In a conductive model, the rechargeable battery will have exposed metal contacts that must physically touch metal contacts on the base, meaning if you have your remote wrapped in a silicon sleeve you have to remove it.

Inductive models don't require physical contact, offering greater convenience, especially for those who use the silicon sleeves.

There are some very good conductive chargers, but for convenience and simplicity, the very best chargers are all inductive.

Wii Remote Charger Comparison Chart

Below is a list of chargers in a quick chart that boils down each to specific comparable qualities. Some include links to more in-depth reviews, as well. Each is rated with a star system from one star, the lowest, to five stars, the highest.

Also included in the chart are other details such as the number of remotes you can charge at one time, any notable features or flaws each has, and the original manufacturer's price.

All of these charging systems have been discontinued, but you can still find them on Amazon or eBay. 

The Wii system has been around a while, released in 2006, but many people still play it. If you're now playing on a Wii U, but you still use your Wii, a good charger is Nyko's conductive Charge Station U, which charges two Wii remotes plus the Wii U gamepad. It's not on this list, because it's not specific to the Wii, but it's a good choice if you have both game systems. 

Name Rating Type # Remotes Features Flaws MSRP
Memorex Wii Dual Controller Charging Kit Review


Inductive 2 Simple   $29.99
Energizer Flat Panel 2X Induction Charging System ★★★★★ Inductive 2 Space saver, can leave on attachments, elegant design   $29.99
Energizer Flat Panel 4X Induction Charging System ★★★★★ Inductive 4     $49.99
Nyko Charge Base IC ★★★★★ Inductive 2 Can leave on attachments, elegant design   $34.99
Penguin United's ElectroFlow Charger ★★★★½ Inductive 2 Can leave on attachments Doesn't work with Third Party Controllers, annoying blinking charge light $29.99
Energizer Power & Play Recharge Station ★★★★ Conductive 2   Overpriced $39.99
Nyko Charge Station ★★★★ Conductive 2 textured battery cover for better grip   $29.99
Nintendo Wii Remote Charging Cradle and Rechargeable Battery ★★★½ Conductive 1   Overpriced $34.99
Tekno Creations InCharge Dual Charge Station ★★★½ Inductive 2   Must unplug attachments, annoying blinking charge light $34.99
Energizer Induction Charging System ★★★ Inductive 2 Can leave on attachments, looks cool Charging Lights don't work correctly, battery packs get very hot, overpriced $39.99
DreamGear's Quad Dock Plus Inductive 4 Includes battery charger Mine died in a day $49.99