Wii-Compatible Flash Games

Free Flash Games you Can Play in the Wii Browser

In "Bloons" you throw darts at balloons. Ninja Kiwi

Looking for free games to play on your Wii? One source is familiar to PC gamers; flash games, those small, simple games you play through your web browser. You can’t play every PC flash game using the Wii’s web browser; it doesn’t support all versions of Adobe Flash, its low memory ceiling means it can’t load large games, and while you can connect a keyboard to your Wii to play games that require one, the ideal Wii flash game is one that can be played with the Wii remote alone.

This limits the number of Wii-playable games out there, but there are a few places where you can locate fun Wii-compatible games. Here are some of the best places to find free Wii flash games along with a few recommendations on what to play. Just load this page in your Wii browser and you’ll be able to easily visit these sites and games.

The best sites to find Wii games

Even though it was created 12 years ago, this artistic, award-winning site turns out to be one of the best places to find Wii-compatible games. The 58 mouse-driven games are notable for their pretty cartoon graphics, enjoyable music and clever, simple gameplay.

WiiPlayable seems to have the most games of the Wii-specific flash game sites, although a few don’t work on my Wii. The site is rather poorly designed and tricky to navigate, but I found more games I liked here than anywhere else.

Other sites

Not all the games that play well on the Wii can be found on Wii-specific flash game sites. If you’ve got the time, you can simply explore other sites and see what works. The great difficulty is that a lot of these sites flood each page with flash ads that suck up a lot of the Wii’s memory, meaning a lot of games won’t play not because of the game but because of all the other crap.

My Favorite Wii Flash Games

I haven’t come close to playing every Wii-compatible flash game, but I’ve played quite a few, and these are my favorites.

Bloons is a very good physics-based puzzle game in which you toss darts to pop balloons, some of which are explosive or freeze surrounding balloons. There is a WiiWare version of this as well; I don’t know how it differs from the flash version, although I expect that there won’t suddenly be a level that requires a keyboard, as happens at level 20 of this version.

Double Wires is an arcade game that has players shooting wires at objects in order to move, Spider-man-like, across an abstract landscape.

Snow Line is a fun, reasonably challenging puzzle game in which you must draw tracks Santa can ride to gifts floating in the air. It actually plays better on my Wii than on my PC.

Arcane is an ambitious, atmospheric episodic series of flash point-and-click adventure games (read my review of season one). The save feature doesn’t work, so if you die (which happens if you take too long to solve the games’ puzzles) you have to restart the episode, but they’re not long episodes so it’s not so bad. You can navigate from one episode to the next via the “next game” link, but if you’re looking for a specific episode, here are links to each one: Season 1 - The Miller Estate: 1, 2, 3, 4. Season 2 – The Stone Circle: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Bottom of the Sea is a platformer in which you simply keep jumping down from rock to rock. It doesn’t sound that exciting, but getting the right trajectory to reach distant rocks is quite challenging.

Oshidama is a Japanese arcade game in which you must carefully move a ball past holes to a goal. The game has a spare, pretty, very Japanese style.

Distraction is a cute game in which you must fly through the air catching some items and avoiding others. It has a cute gimmick; the screen is constantly being twisted and covered in order to confuse you. It's fun but incredibly short. When you reach the end it loops to the beginning, but after two or three times around you’ll have probably had enough.

Chasm is a fun point-and-click adventure game in which you have to get a water system working. It will appeal to players who like to throw switches and open doors and figure out how machinery works.

Fulltime Killer is a short, reasonably entertaining sniper game. (Those looking for a longer, more intricate, more frustrating sniper game can try Tactical Assassin, but I found aiming the Wii remote far too difficult).

Windy Days has the player control the height of a kite by speeding up and slowing down on a bicycle. Like Bottom of the Sea, which is also from the Orisinal site, the game is more fun to play than to describe.

Line Game is an arcade game that asks you to guide an object through a series of increasingly challenging mazes.

Starball is a solid Breakout clone. I like Breakout, so I thought I’d toss it in.


As a bonus, here are a few games that I can’t fully recommend, for reasons explained below, but still think might be worth a look.

Goodnight Mr. Snoozleberg is a wonderful 6-episode puzzle game series in which you help a sleepwalker navigate trecherous landscapes like rooftops (read my review here). It plays great on the Wii. The game’s save feature, however, doesn’t work on the Wii, which means that when you run out of lives, you have to restart from the first level.

Samarost is a surreal point-and-click adventure game that you can play on the Wii. However, you need to constantly zoom in and out both to see fine details and to find the exact place you need to click.

Curveball - 3D pong-style game that is well designed but too easy for quite a number of levels. Being able to choose the level you start at would have made for a much better game.

3D Logic is a somewhat interesting puzzle game in which you have to create paths on a cube. It’s fun for a while, and nicely laid out, but it doesn’t have much staying power.