How to Set up Wi-Fi on Your Nintendo 3DS

A Nintendo 3DS in Aqua Blue

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The Nintendo 3DS can go online with a Wi-Fi connection. This is necessary to play online multiplayer games with friends, browse the internet, and download certain content to your 3DS.

Fortunately, setting up Wi-Fi to work with your Nintendo 3DS is a snap.

Connect the Nintendo 3DS to Wi-Fi

  1. On the bottom screen, tap System Settings (the Wrench icon).

  2. Choose Internet Settings.

  3. Tap Connection Settings.

  4. You have the option of setting up to three connections. Tap New Connection.

  5. If you like, you can choose to watch the Nintendo 3DS's built-in tutorial. Otherwise, pick Manual Setup.

  6. From here, you can select from one of several connection options. Most likely, you're trying to get your Nintendo 3DS to connect to your home router, so choose Search for an Access Point to have the Nintendo 3DS search for Wi-Fi in your area.

  7. When the 3DS pulls up a list of access points, select the one you'll be using.

  8. If a password protects the connection, you'll need to enter it now.

    Don't know the Wi-Fi password? See the tip below to see what you can do.

  9. Once your connection is saved, the 3DS will automatically perform a connection test. If everything is golden, you'll receive a prompt letting you know that your Nintendo 3DS is connected to Wi-Fi.

  10. That's it! As long as your Nintendo 3DS's Wi-Fi capabilities are turned on (this can be toggled via a switch located on the right-hand side of the device) and you're within range of the network, your Nintendo 3DS will go online automatically.


If you don't see your network show up during Step 7, make sure you're close enough to the router for it to deliver a strong enough signal. If moving closer doesn't help, unplug your router or modem from the wall, wait 30 seconds, and then reattach the cable. Wait for it to power back on fully and then see if your 3DS sees it.

If you don't know the password to your router, which you need to connect your 3DS to Wi-Fi, you might need to change the router's password or reset the router back to factory default settings so that you can access it with the default password.

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