How to Set Up Wi-Fi on the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Wi-Fi
Setting Up Nintendo 3DS Wi-Fi. Image © Nintendo

The Nintendo 3DS can go online with a Wi-Fi connection. This connection is necessary to play online multiplayer games with friends, browse the Internet, and download certain content to your 3DS. Luckily, setting up Wi-Fi to work with your Nintendo 3DS is a snap. Follow these directions.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Turn on your Nintendo 3DS.
  2. On the bottom screen, tap "System Settings" (the Wrench icon)
  1. Tap "Internet Settings."
  2. Tap "Connection Settings."
  3. You have the option of setting up to three connections. Tap "New Connection."
  4. If you like, you can choose to watch the Nintendo 3DS's built-in tutorial. Otherwise, click "Manual Setup."
  5. From here, you can select from one of several connection options. Most likely, you will be trying to get your Nintendo 3DS to connect to your home router. Click "Search for an Access Point" to have the Nintendo 3DS search for access points in your area.
  6. When the 3DS pulls up a list of access points, select the one you'll be using. If the connection is protected by a password, you'll need to enter the correct password using the touch-screen keyboard.
  7. Once your connection is saved, the 3DS will automatically perform a connection test. If everything is golden, you'll receive a prompt letting you know that your Nintendo 3DS is connected to Wi-Fi.
  8. That's it! As long as your Nintendo 3DS's Wi-Fi capabilities are turned on (this can be toggled via a switch located on the right-hand side of the system) and you're within range of your hot spot, your Nintendo 3DS will go online automatically.


    1. If you're setting up your Wi-Fi connection via the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, visit Nintendo's Customer Service for step-by-step instructions.
    2. The Nintendo 3DS's online features and game cards support WEP and WPA settings.

    What You Need:

    • Nintendo 3DS
    • Broadband Internet Line
    • Cable Modem or DSL Modem
    • Wireless Router