Determine if You Wi-Fi Is Interfering With Your Cordless Phone

Cordless phones and Wi-Fi can exist in harmony—at a distance

Silhouette of a woman talking on a cordless telephone
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Although many individuals have moved away from landlines to smartphones entirely, there are still plenty of people who like the convenience of having a traditional cordless phone in their homes. If you are having problems with the quality of the calls on your cordless phone, you may have your home Wi-Fi to thank for that interference.

Wi-Fi and Cordless Phones Don't Play Well Together

Many people are aware that wireless household appliances such as microwave ovens, cordless telephones, and baby monitors can interfere with Wi-Fi wireless network radio signals, but not many realize that Wi-Fi signals can generate interference back in the other direction to certain types of cordless phones. Positioning a Wi-Fi router too close to a cordless phone base station can cause degraded voice quality on the cordless phone.

This problem does not occur with all cordless phone base stations. It is most likely to occur when the cordless phone and the Wi-Fi router both operate on the same radio frequency. For example, a router and base station that both operate on the 2.4 GHz band are most likely to interfere with each other.

The Solution

If you are having an interference problem with your cordless phone, the solution is as simple as increasing the distance between your home router and the phone's base station. 

The Bigger Problem

It is far more likely that your cordless phone will interfere with your Wi-Fi network. This type of interference is well documented. The solution is the same—put distance between the two devices.