Whether you're using Wi-Fi or connecting devices together wirelessly, there's a lot to know. We've got the answers right here.
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Illustration of a website being blocked on a laptop
How to Block a Wi-Fi Network
A woman looking at her laptop sitting at a kitchen table while holding a cup
What to Know About Connecting to a Hidden Network
A woman sitting on the floor with a laptop on her lap and surrounded by boxes and clothes
What Is a Hidden Network?
An overhead view of someone using a MacBook Pro in the dark while holding a mug
How to Share a Wi-Fi Password
A woman sitting at a desk looking at an iMac screen.
How to Share a Wi-Fi Password to Mac
An overhead view of someone using a MacBook Pro in the dark while holding a mug
How to Share a Wi-Fi Password From Mac to iPhone
Google Chromecast
Does Chromecast Work With Wi-Fi Extenders?
Image of a woman using her computer
How to Fix It When Your Laptop Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi
Woman connecting a router under a desk
How to Add Mesh Network to an Existing Router
Tablet connecting to a Wi-Fi network
How to Change the Channel on a Wi-Fi Extender
Wi-Fi extender plugged into outlet
How to Connect a PC to a Wi-Fi Extender
A Wi-Fi extender on a desk with a man using a laptop.
Can Wi-Fi Extenders Go Bad?
Google wifi network
Is Google Wi-Fi a Mesh Network?
Pause symbol on router
How to Pause Wi-Fi
Amazon Echo 4th Gen
Can You Use Amazon Echo as a Wi-Fi Extender?
A Netgear Nighthawk router on a desk with a smartphone nearby.
Mesh Network vs Router: Which Setup Is Best for You?
Wi-Fi signal bars on laptop screen
How to Make Your Laptop a Wi-Fi Extender
Person accessing a router on a computer
How to Change a Wi-Fi Network Name
A man with his child in his lap while sitting at a table looking at his smartphone
What Do I Need for a Mesh Network?
An overhead view of a parent and child sitting at a desk. One is using a laptop while the other is using a tablet and paper
Is a Wi-Fi Mesh Network Worth It?
The Asus web GUI for setting up an AiMesh network on a laptop and smartphone.
How to Set Up an AiMesh Network
An AiMesh capable router and laptop performing AiMesh setup.
What Is AiMesh and How Does it Work?
A view from behind of a desktop PC displaying a game, with a man with headphones on nearby
Do Wi-Fi Extenders Work for Gaming?
A man finding the MAC address of his iPhone with a router and laptop nearby.
How to Find Your Wi-Fi Network Name
An Ethernet bridge with an open DSL port
How to Connect a Landline Phone to a Modem
A Man Plugging In A Wi-Fi Extender
How to Set Up a Netgear Wi-Fi Extender
A modem with a red light illuminated.
How to Fix a Red Light on a Modem
Replacing an old modem.
How Often Should You Replace Your Modem?
A photo of a Google Nest Wi-Fi router on a desk
How to Set Up a Nest Wi-Fi
An Ethernet bridge with an open DSL port
What Is a DSL Modem?
An Ethernet cable plugging into a modem
What Is a Cable Modem?
WiFi extender
How to Install a Wi-Fi Extender
Coaxial cables
What Is a MoCA Network?
A post-it note with an an easy 123456 password written on it placed on a keyboard.
How to Change Your Modem Password
Illustration of a Windows 10 Wi-Fi adapter being turned on.
How to Enable a Wi-Fi Adapter
Two women disconnect and move a modem.
Can I Move My Modem to Another Room?
USB Tethered Phone to Laptop
How to Connect a Desktop to Wi-Fi Without an Adapter
A close up of a laptop with someone's hands typing on it
What Does a Modem Do?
A man sitting at a desk looking at his laptop
What Does WPS Mean on a Modem?
Image of a laptop using a wireless network
How to Reset Wi-Fi Adapter
Image of a cable modem
Modem Costs: Should You Buy or Rent?
Image of a laptop PCMCIA Wi-Fi card
What Is a Wi-Fi Adapter?
WPA3 Wi-Fi logo
What Is WPA3 Wi-Fi?
A man sitting at a desk with headphones in. A computer and router sit in the background.
How to Tell If Someone is Using Your Wi-Fi
A close-up of a generic router with a person using a laptop in the blurred background
How to Make Your Wi-Fi Faster
A computer sitting on a desktop near a window with a speed test in progress on the screen.
How to Check Wi-Fi Speed on Your Computer
Wi-Fi extender plugged into a wall outlet.
How Do Wi-Fi Extenders Work?
6GHz Wi-Fi text on green and white background
6GHz (6E) Wi-Fi: What It Is & How It Works
Netflix speed test website results
How to Use the Netflix Speed Test
A chromebook on a desktop with flowers and a coffee cup.
How to Connect a Chromebook to Wi-Fi
USB is one of the most common connection types.
What Is Wireless USB?
Remote worker using public Wi-Fi at McDonald's
How to Use McDonald's Wi-Fi to Get Connected
Linksys WAP54G Wireless Access Point
Wireless Access Point vs. Wireless Application Protocol
People on phones with social media icon chalkboard
The Fundamentals of the MiFi Mobile Hotspot
Light trails on black background
What Is 802.11ac in Wireless Networking?
Person in bed using a laptop without Wi-Fi
How to Fix It When There's No Internet Connection
What is Wi-Fi Direct?
Computer mouse with thief disguise next to open lock
An Overview of Wireless Protected Access 2 (WPA2)
Hand holding tablet with Wi-Fi icon on city and network connection concept. Bangkok smart city and wireless communication network, abstract image visual, internet of things.
Understanding Wi-Fi and How It Works