Why You Need a PDA

Reasons to Purchase a PDA

Woman Using PDA
Lucidio Studio Inc/Corbis/Getty Images

If you’re one of those people who use a paper planner but think there has to be a better way to stay organized, you’re right. PDAs, or Personal Digital Assistants, are a great way to use technology to stay organized. PDAs let you take notes, store phone numbers, manage to-do lists, keep track of your calendar, and much more.

To better understand what a PDA can do for you, here’s a closer look at some of the basic features you’ll find on all PDAs, regardless of which operating system they use:

  • Datebook--You can input meetings and appointment information complete with notes, location information, and even set a reminder so you arrive on time.
  • Memo Pad--Jot notes, write a book, keep a shopping list, and more using a PDA’s note taking capabilities.
  • Calculator--Perform simple or complex computations.
  • To-Do List--Helps you keep track of and accomplish things you need to get done.
  • Address Book--Keep track of important contacts.
  • Onscreen Keyboard--Lets you input information using the touch screen and a stylus.
  • Graffiti (Palm)/Character Recognizer (Pocket PC/Windows Mobile) --Lets you input information using your own handwriting instead of an onscreen keyboard.
  • Email--Lets you compose email and send it using a wireless connection or store the email for sending later when the PDA is synchronized with a computer.
  • Backlight (most PDAs) --Lets you view the PDA even in dim lighting.

PDAs are generally smaller than many paper planners, especially if you consider the quantity of information they can store. Plus, because a PDA can store a variety of information, you’ll never again have to sort through scraps of paper and notes taken on napkins to find what you need.

Another big benefit to using a PDA over a paper planner is the ability to back up the information on a PDA. Anyone who has ever lost his paper planner can tell you just how valuable a back up can be. After all, your planner holds a lot of information about you and your life. Most of us would be lost without this information.

In addition to helping you get and stay organized, PDAs can provide lots of entertainment. For example, your PDA can serve double-duty as a portable music and video player, GPS unit (a separate GPS receiver is required for most PDAs), and handheld gaming system. There are also thousands of applications that you can install on your PDA to make it an even more valuable tool.