Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Businessman using computer writing blog surrounded by self improvement mottos
Bjorn Rune Lie/Getty Images

Business Blogging is a Marketing Tool:

Writing a blog for your business is an effective marketing tactic. Blogs give businesses the opportunity to discuss products, share an upcoming product or company news and hype just about anything the business wants. Blogging creates an online buzz and word of mouth marketing.

Additionally, business blogs provide another way that companies can link to promotions and news elsewhere on the web (for example, the company's static web page) to further communicate marketing messages and increase the company's online presence.

Business Blogging Can Boost Sales:

Business blogs are excellent sales tools and provide a perfect opportunity for companies to promote their products, services, sales and more. Blogs allow businesses to continually keep not just their products in front of customers but also the benefits of those products. Since blogs provide current information, they offer an excellent place for customers to find the latest news and offers about existing or new products.

Blogs can give customers a feeling of being 'in the know' and getting exclusive tips because they're part of the business blog community.

Business Blogging Can Boost Customer Satisfaction:

Blogging is interactive and allows for two-way conversation with customers. Because of that potential for communication, blogs are a great way to share information with customers and hear their feedback. Customers who feel like a company is listening to them and responding to their needs are more likely to develop an emotional connection with that company, which is a fundamental requirement to building customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Business Blogging Helps to Communicate a Business' Brand Message:

Every business has a brand message and image in the eyes of consumers. Blogs give companies an opportunity to communicate the brand image they want to hold in the marketplace. Consistent branding leads to a sense of security and stability for customers, which are two of the main factors needed to build customer loyalty.

A Word of Warning About Business Blogging:

Business blogs are an investment in time, but that investment can pay off through increased sales, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. However, it's essential that business blogs are written in inviting tones that welcome customers rather than turn them off. Avoid corporate rhetoric and jargon in your business blog. Be responsive to customer comments and work to develop a sense of community around your blog. Also, make sure the information you provide on your business blog is meaningful to customers and updated frequently, so they have a reason to return.