Why Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Better security, speed, and browsing are all part of the package

For some PC users, nothing beats Windows 7 or Windows 8, causing them to be cautious about upgrading to the Windows 10. If you find yourself considering whether or not to upgrade, you should know that Windows 10 combines features from both Windows 7 and 8, with some improvements users continuously requested.

Support for Windows 7 ends in January 2020. If you're currently using Windows 7, the time is now to upgrade. You can upgrade directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10 as well as Windows 8 to Windows 10.

A Wealth of New Features

While there are too many features to list, here are the ones we find most notable or most welcome:

  • Start menu: PC users constantly complained about the loss of the Start menu when they upgraded to Windows 8. Lucky for us, the Start menu is back in Windows 10. It works like the original version, yet also houses Windows 8 tiles for easy navigation.
  • Facial recognition and biometrics: Now, you can unlock your PC using facial recognition or your fingerprint using Windows Hello.
  • Cortana comes to desktop: Digital assistant Cortana is now available on desktop PCs running Windows 10.
  • Action center: Windows 10 features a place where all your notifications can reside called the Action Center. You can also change your settings and connectivity options from inside this tool.
  • Continuum: If you use a touchscreen device, Continuum will help you alternate between desktop mode and tablet mode automatically, based on whether you have a keyboard attached.
  • Removal of the Start screen: When you boot up Windows 10, you will go to the desktop screen automatically instead of the Start screen used in Windows 8.
  • Light, Dark, and Custom modes: You can personalize Windows 10 to your specifications easily by choosing from Light mode, Dark mode, or Custom mode.
  • Voice typing: You can ask Windows to type what you simply by pressing the Windows key + H.
View of the Windows Start menu on desktop

Improved Security & Speed

Windows 10 has enhanced security and improved overall responsiveness.


Using the Secure Boot feature as in Windows 8, Windows 10 takes the feature and makes it even more secure. In fact, the Secure Boot feature in Windows 10 can be set so it can't be bypassed. Secure Boot prevents malicious software applications or unauthorized operating systems from loading during the initial booting process.

Windows 10 also comes with Windows Hello for easy and secure device unlock, Device Guard and Microsoft Passport.


While your day-to-day use of Windows will be faster than either Windows 7 or Windows 8, the Fast Startup feature speeds up the initial boot of your device. Called Fast Boot in Windows 8, Fast Startup prevents Windows from needing to reload the kernel, drivers, and system state, saving you a large amount of time.

Better Browsing With Microsoft Edge

In Windows 10, Microsoft has changed the default web browser from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. The new browser offers a modernized and better organized browsing experience with a wide range of features including, but not at all limited to:

  • One-click form filling: Edge allows you to fill forms with one simple click, perfect for online shopping.
  • Reading view: For easy focus, switch to Reading view for a cleaner, simpler, and uncluttered browsing experience.
  • PDF and eBook mark-up: You can easily make notes or highlight passages right inside Edge.
  • Seamless phone to desktop browsing: If you're browsing on your mobile device, one tap can send you to your desktop to continue your browsing seamlessly.
  • Website pinning: You can pin websites you use frequently (think Facebook or eBay) directly to your task bar from Edge.
  • Easy tab viewing: Have multiple tabs open from one website? Forget going through each to find what you're looking for. You can easily see full previews of all of your open tabs with one click.
  • Customized Start page: You can easily customize your Edge Start page with news you want to see by selecting categories you're interested in.

For laptop using folks, Microsoft Edge should be easier on your device's battery life.

Developed With the Gamer in Mind

Windows 10 comes complete with the Game Bar, a tool that allows you to record your screen and broadcast your gaming session. You can also use this tool to chat with other gamers as you play and change your volume or other audio settings in one place.

Windows 10 comes with an Xbox app that easily integrates with the OS. It easily tracks your in-game achievements and allows you to stream games on your PC directly from your Xbox for seamless play.

To upgrade your PC, you'll need to purchase a new PC with Windows 10 included or upgrade your current PC by visiting Microsoft online.

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