Why Should I Sign up with Your Online Backup Service?

Here's What Online Backup Services Told Me When I Asked What Made Them Best

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I tried to cut to the chase with part one of my five-part Online Backup Q&A series, asking the question that I think most people really want to know the answer to:

"Why should I sign up with your online backup service over all the other options out there?"

I'll admit that this question is just waiting for your standard marketing department response, but I was actually pretty impressed with most of the answers. I was surprised how many of these online backup services differ in small but important ways from one another.

Note: As with the other questions, I've ranked Q1 by how well I personally appreciated the answer to the question asked. The very last one in this list might be the one that sells you on that backup service so be sure to read through them all. If you're interested on my overall thoughts on each one, see my Online Backup Services Reviewed.

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Gytis Barzdukas
Gytis Barzdukas, Senior Director of Product Management at Mozy by EMC. Gytis Barzdukas, Senior Director of Product Management at Mozy by EMC

"Three specific things set Mozy apart from other vendors.

First, we’ve been doing this longer than others -- as a pioneer in the online backup category we launched our service in 2006.

Second is our security. We call it "Tritanium,” and it’s the combination of Mozy’s military-grade security, world-class data management, and a company built to last; as part of that we safeguard more than 90 petabytes of data for individuals and businesses.

And the third thing is that Mozy is here for the long haul. As part of EMC, the global storage leader, Mozy customers can be confident in who stands behind our company and service.

Those three things, more than anything else, set us apart from the competition."

Mozy Review

Gytis Barzdukas is Senior Director of Product Management at Mozy by EMC


Yev Pusin
Yev Pusin, Social Marketing Manager at Backblaze. Yev Pusin, Social Marketing Manager at Backblaze

"Backblaze is the easiest online backup service available. Getting started takes less than 2 minutes, and there is no hassle of having to pick and choose which folders you want backed up because all your data is uploaded by default. If there is data that you don’t want backed up, simply remove it from the list.

Once you’re backed up, you have access to all of your computer data, anywhere you go with our mobile app and web restores. You do not need the Backblaze application to download your data."

Backblaze Review

Yev Pusin is Social Marketing Manager at Backblaze


Ethan Oberman
Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak, Inc. Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak, Inc.

"At SpiderOak we believe that you shouldn't have to give up your privacy to benefit from cloud technologies such as backing up your data, syncing it across devices, sharing it with others and even accessing it on your phone or tablet.

We have not only preserved our 'Zero-Knowledge' privacy environment successfully but also offer an incredible of amount of flexibility in terms of how you engage with our various features and how you integrate them into your daily life. For example, you can backup everything in your 'Documents' folder or simply select a few specific photos or songs that have significance. You can sync all your data across your devices or chose specific folders to keep in sync across two of them. You can share photos with friends and business documents with clients.

In short, there are many reasons why someone would use SpiderOak and we feel all are important to the product's viability."

SpiderOak Review

Ethan Oberman is CEO of SpiderOak, Inc.


Joti Kang
Joti Kang, Business Development Associate at ElephantDrive, Inc. Joti Kang, Business Development Associate at ElephantDrive, Inc.

"If you are a small business owner with a NAS device in your office, or a media maven with a NAS device at home, ElephantDrive is the only solution that backs up your NAS devices to the cloud natively (i.e. directly from on the device itself).

Of course, we also provide the full suite of cloud backup, sync, and sharing services you need on your other devices, but if you've got network storage in your life, we have the industry's best option (especially if it is made by NETGEAR, QNAP, and Thecus which include our software automatically)."

More About ElephantDrive

Joti Kang is a Business Development Associate at ElephantDrive, Inc.

Shane Bingham
Shane Bingham, Business Development Associate at IDrive. Shane Bingham, Business Development Associate at IDrive

"We've custom-built all of our hardware backend and software so that it works seamlessly. As a result, we're one of the fastest services with some of the lowest prices, since we don't have to charge resale prices. On top of that, we have loads of features that aren't available anywhere else:

IDrive Express - free once a year for paid accounts, it's a rapid upload/download service; we'll ship our customer a drive which they can ship back. No cost to the customers, either, we pay for shipping both ways.

Free Sub-Accounts - for business customers, we offer the ability to create an unlimited number of subaccounts; split your space however needed, each subaccount can have its own login and its own encryption scheme.

Unlimited Devices, even mobile - We're one of the only services around that offers the ability to back up ALL of your Macs, PCs, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices at no additional cost to our customers."

More About IDrive

Shane Bingham is a Business Development Associate at IDrive More »


Stephen Gold
Stephen Gold, Director of Business Development at SOS Online Backup. Stephen Gold, Director of Business Development at SOS Online Backup

"What’s better than a good recommendation? Only Infrascale's SOS Online Backup has earned that last four PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice awards for online backup.

SOS Online Backup is the only automatic online backup service that offers end-to-end double-blind encryption built right in, but amazing security isn’t the only benefit SOS has.

SOS keeps every past version from every past backup of every file ever protected. SOS keeps back-ups forever. Only YOU decide when to delete data from your cloud.This can be incredibly useful should you need to roll back or restore from a specific date. Your organization can protect as many computers/mobile devices as you need.

Also, SOS is uniquely suited for the enterprise. Backup bare metal images and boot from the cloud in an emergency. Remotely manage your entire organization from the SOS Dashboard. Protect Exchange and SQL databases. 15 points of presence on five continents. A solid enterprise partner you can count on."

SOS Online Backup Review

Stephen Gold is Director of Business Development at SOS Online Backup


Pete Lamson
Pete Lamson, SVP Cloud Backup at Carbonite. Pete Lamson, SVP Cloud Backup at Carbonite

"When consumers or small businesses begin their search for the best backup method, they are looking to protect their irreplaceable documents, precious memories and valuable music files and business records; so it is important they choose a trusted brand.

Carbonite is that brand. The software is easy to use, runs in the background so users can focus on their work and business, and is secure, which prevents worrying over losing data or files. One of Carbonite’s competitive differentiators in the industry is our own proprietary storage system, which helps keep prices for services lower. 

One solution that Carbonite recently introduced is Enhanced Server Backup (ESB), which expanded its existing affordable and easy-to-use Business offerings for small businesses. With the addition of Enhanced Server Backup, Carbonite now provides a seamless backup experience across all platforms, ranging from PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and now databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, MySQL, Oracle, and SharePoint. Enhanced Server Backup brings the ability to back up the Windows System State, including Active directory, System volume, Certificate server, Boot files, Internet Information Services (IIS), and Registry, means that a server can be restored in its entirety, with no need to reconfigure the operating system or reload applications. This capability is similar to bare metal disk imaging and also offers the advantages of a file-based backup solution."

Carbonite Review

Pete Lamson is SVP of Cloud Backup at Carbonite

Where are the responses from the other online backup services you've profiled?

Good question! I'm waiting on responses from Livedrive, SugarSync, Acronis, Cyphertite, AVG, Nobadesk, Norton, Trend Micro (SafeSync), KineticD, Jungle Disk, Comodo, MiMedia, ADrive, MyOtherDrive, Total Defense, and JDI (MyPCBackup, ZipCloud, JustCloud, etc.).

As soon as I hear back from them I'll work their answers into this list.