Why I Want the New Amazon Echo Buds

Active noise canceling and Alexa at an attractive price

Key Takeaways

  • The new Amazon Echo Buds cost half the price of Apple’s AirPods Pro and offer many of the same features.
  • I love the AirPods Pro, but have a hard time justifying the cost, given that they have a limited lifespan due to a non-replaceable battery.
  • The new Echo Buds should have improved sound quality and noise-cancelling over Amazon’s previous model.
woman wearing glacier white echo buds (2nd gen)


Like it or not, Amazon has become an integral part of my life, so I can’t wait to try out the new Echo Buds, despite being an Apple fan.

My house is infested with Amazon Echo smart speakers, and packages from Jeff Bezos arrive more often than I’d care to admit. As much as I love Apple’s design, Alexa is the friend I call on more often than not, and provides easy access to many of Amazon’s features.

The new Echo Buds seem to have many of the same features as Apple’s AirPods Pro, including active noise cancellation, similar battery life, and water resistance. And they're less than a hundred bucks.

Better Value Than the AirPods Pro?

I love my AirPods Pro, but their hefty price tag makes me wince every time I handle the fragile specks of plastic. And they're non-replaceable battery means I’ll eventually have to replace the AirPods Pro entirely because the battery life will dwindle.

As such, the new Echo Buds, creatively called the All-new Echo Buds (2nd Gen), are a tempting value proposition. The list price is $119.99, but they’re on sale at the moment for $99.99. That compares to a list price of $249.00 for the AirPods Pro, which is Apple’s top-of-the-line earbud at the moment.

The new Echo Buds should sound better than the last version, which were panned for mediocre sound. Amazon claims to have rejiggered the drivers for increased fidelity in bass and treble. They also could be more comfortable to wear due to a 20% reduction in size.

Of course, the Echo Buds are designed to hook you into the Amazon ecosystem, so they automatically respond to Alexa as a voice assistant. For those who aren’t quite prepared to fully plunge into the Amazon experience, however, the Echo Buds do support Siri and Google Assistant. 

"The new Echo Buds seem to have many of the same features as Apple’s AirPods Pro."

For users who run in the rain or drop their earbuds in coffee cups, the all-new Amazon Echo Buds also will have an IPX4 water-resistance rating, matching the AirPods Pro. 

One area where the AirPods Pro have the Echo Buds beat is charging. The AirPods come with a wireless charging case, while you’ll have to pay an extra $20 for that option with the Echo Buds. Both models have a claimed battery life of around five hours.

Earbud Options Galore

If neither the Echo Buds nor the AirPods Pro float your boat, there are plenty of choices if you’re looking for earbuds with active noise cancelling.

Take, for example, the $279 Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, which have received rave reviews for excellent noise cancelling and sound quality. The Bose model is rated at six hours of battery life, beating out both the AirPods Pro and the Echo Buds. However, they're on the bulky side. 

There’s also the $300 Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, which up the battery ante with a claimed seven hours of battery life. As you’d expect at this price point, the Sennheiser buds also have been praised for both sound quality and noise-cancelling ability.

You might also want to consider Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Air Pro 2, which compete directly with the Echo Buds on price at $130. The Soundcore buds have solid noise-cancelling ability, and also come in a variety of colors for the fashion-conscious. 

While Amazon’s device designs tend to be on the bland side, you can’t beat their reputation for quality and value. I’m a big fan of the company’s Kindle e-readers and Echo smart speakers for these very reasons. The new Echo Buds have the potential to be a terrific replacement for the AirPods Pro.

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