Why I Love the LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle

Flavors and tracking make it work

Key Takeaways

  • LifeFuels’ water bottle is a good investment if you keep up with it.
  • The nutrition pods can actually keep you energized.
  • The complementary app is robust and insightful.
The Lifefuels water bottle.

I’ve been using LifeFuels’ smart water bottle for nearly two years so, needless to say, I’m invested in this product. 

When I first received the water bottle, I was a little thrown off by how heavy it was, but when I considered that it carries a battery pack, 16.9 ounces of water and these FuelPods that add additional flavor, I stopped complaining. Plus, there’s a heavy-duty lanyard around the neck of the bottle that helps you carry it. 

Now you’re probably wondering, why do you need a smart water bottle to track your water intake? LifeFuels’ product syncs with an app that not only tracks your water and multivitamin intake, but gives you an overview of your hydration habits in general. I didn’t realize how much water I wasn’t drinking until I started using this product.

"I like seeing what times I’m drinking water the most in the app, and where I could be doing better."

The Specs 

Even though the company launched in 2015, LifeFuels’ smart water bottle didn’t hit the market until September 2019. After a first failed prototype, the company took a few years to rework the product into what it is today.

The company originally had the smart water bottle priced at $179, but that has since fallen to $99 (thankfully). A purchase of LifeFuels’ bottle comes with a starter pack that also includes the charger, three FuelPods, and a cleaning brush. 

I was a little worried about drinking water that essentially sits on top of a huge battery pack, but once I saw the product in person, I was okay with it. With a battery that lasts up to four days, the bottle features internal technology that's protected by a durable anodized aluminum shell, which is water resistant.

Screenshot of the power button on the Lifefuels water bottle.

The bottle also is equipped with hydration tracking tech that can detect how much water you’ve consumed and show those stats in an app. 

LifeFuels’ smart water bottle was pretty easy to set up. The bottle is Bluetooth compatible, so I set it up like I would any other tech device, like my AirPods, for instance. Once I got set up in the app, it was smooth sailing. 

As far as the FuelPods, they come in different flavors and all have different nutritional values. The bottle can simultaneously house three FuelPods, which are inserted underneath.

These pods are unique because each is equipped with a chip recognized by the bottle when inserted. They also are tracked in the app, which tells you the amount of flavoring left and intake. I easily can add flavor and nutrition to my water with the push of a button, which highlights the particular FuelPod to be utilized. 

FuelPods are a little pricey at $9.99-$11.99 each for 30 shots of flavoring. Standard servings typically include 2-5 shots each.

Why I’m Still Using It

I’m a flavored-water drinker, so the fuel pods are my favorite aspect of this and a nice touch for the smart water bottle. I usually go for the naturally flavored ones, since they are lower in sodium.

Screenshot of the fuel pods in the Lifefuels water bottle.

When I drink them in the morning, I actually do feel a lot more energized for the day. But I haven't purchased the FuelPods in a while, and the bottle works just fine without them.

Also, meeting my water intake goals each day of about 85 ounces has become my own personal competition.

I like looking in the app to see what times I’m drinking water the most, and where I could be doing better. Now, at the end of the day, I’m not rushing to drink water because an app told me so, but it’s a nice mental note. 

I’ll continue using this device. For the current price point, I think I’m getting my money’s worth.

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