Why I Love Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad

It just works

Key Takeaways

  • I’ve fallen in love with Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the iPad. 
  • I was initially skeptical that the keyboard was worth its hefty price.
  • The Magic Keyboard is the most comfortable keyboard I’ve ever used, and it’s great for propping up the iPad in a variety of positions.
iPad Air with Apple Magic Keyboard resting on a table
Sascha Brodsky / Lifewire

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad is the best accessory the wizards in Cupertino have ever devised.

When the keyboard was first announced, I sneered at the $299 price tag; you can buy a perfectly acceptable Bluetooth keyboard on Amazon for $20 that will connect to your iPad. The design also seemed clunky and ridiculous; if I wanted a laptop, I’d type on my MacBook Pro, I thought.

But all the positive reviews wore me down, and when the keyboard went on sale for $199, I decided to give it a try. Now, I understand what all the fuss is about.

Far from being clunky, the Magic Keyboard makes my 11-inch iPad Air easier to handle.

Comfort is King

First of all, this is the most comfortable keyboard I’ve ever used. Somehow, it’s even better than the full-size one on my MacBook. It’s got the perfect amount of tactile feedback, bounce, and spring, and when using it, my fingers just fly along.

The backlighting is incredibly useful. I didn’t think I’d need it since I don’t use the backlighting on my MacBook keyboard that much, but it turns out backlighting is much more helpful in all the places you usually use an iPad, such as the couch or in bed.

The design of the keyboard is impressive, too. Far from being clunky, the Magic Keyboard makes my 11-inch iPad Air easier to handle. It cradles it perfectly, making it feel like a nice book. It protects my iPad very well, to the point that I can toss it in a backpack without worrying about it.

With typical Apple flair, the Magic Keyboard also works, well, like magic. There’s no need to download drivers or fiddle with settings to get it working. Just snap its magnetic connection on with a satisfying click, and it communicates and charges directly through the iPad.

Shazam, It Transforms Your iPad

The best part of the Magic Keyboard is that it turns the iPad into a completely different device in the best possible way. Before I owned the keyboard, I thought it was intended to turn the iPad into an inferior substitute for a MacBook. But, in fact, my iPad has been transformed into a hybrid device that works better for every possible scenario.

With typical Apple flair, the Magic Keyboard also works, well, like magic.

I do a lot of reading on my iPad through Amazon’s Kindle app, and I thought having an attached keyboard would just weigh it down. In reality, the keyboard makes reading far more convenient and comfortable. It’s great for lying on the couch and propping the iPad up on your chest, and the nifty hinge lets you adjust it to precisely the right angle for your viewing pleasure.

Ditto for watching movies. I wasted hours trying to prop up my iPad for just the right viewing angle for a Netflix binge, and it turns out the Magic Keyboard is also the best stand for the iPad. 

I’ve tried many keyboards for iPads over the years, and all of them fell short of my expectations, including the first Apple keyboard for the iPad. It was great for typing on a desk, but failed miserably in every other situation.

iPad Air standing vertically with Magic Keyboard attached
Sascha Brodsky / Lifewire

Along the way, I flirted with various means of making my iPad perform like a laptop in a pinch. I once spent a month traveling with the Logitech K480. But its keys were uncomfortable, and it didn’t prop the iPad up at a comfortable angle. 

I recently owned Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio, which is an interesting idea in theory, but isn’t great for actual use. The Folio is a heavy, uncomfortable cover, and a difficult keyboard to work on.

The Magic Keyboard, put simply, is everything I’ve always wanted in an Apple accessory. It makes your device more useful, fun, and it just works. Just go and buy one if you’ve got an iPad and the money to spare.

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