Why Choose a Limited Plan When There Are Unlimited Ones?

Unlimited Plans are Unlimited, So Why Ever Pick a Limited Plan?

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Since unlimited online backup plans allow you to backup whatever and however much you want, why in the world would anyone choose to purchase a "lesser" service?

Especially if the prices are similar, why limit yourself?

The following question is one of many you'll find in my Online Backup FAQ:

"Why would anyone pay for an online backup plan that only allows a certain amount of storage when there are so many services that offer unlimited plans?"

The amount of online backup space that a plan offers might be the biggest factor for you or me, but it may not be even the least concern for someone else.

A limited plan from one online backup service may offer a killer feature in one person's opinion that's simply not available in an unlimited plan from any other service.

For example, I know of one very good online backup service that does not offer an unlimited plan but does have a data center located in Africa, something no other major backup service can say. If you're a South African user greatly concerned with speed of upload and download, that service's limited plan probably looks extremely attractive.

Another service I'm aware of offers a Blackberry app, something very few services of any kind do these days. If you're a diehard Blackberry user, this feature rises above just about every other that a company could possibly advertise. This is way bigger than having access to several TB of data that you may or may not ever utilize.

In a sort of other-side-of-the-coin example, more and more cloud backup services are dropping support for Windows XP after Microsoft did the same. If you're still using Windows XP (not a good idea, but the situation some still find themselves in even today), and are still interested in backing up to the cloud, this is the only feature that really matters to you.

You probably get where I'm going with all of this by now.

As you make your decision as to which online backup service to go with, try to figure out what's really important to you. Just because limited vs unlimited seems to dominate a lot of the cloud backup discussion, it doesn't mean that everyone necessarily needs to care about access to limitless storage.

Look at the features these companies are offering, think about the sort of data you need backed up, and make the right choice based on your needs, not those of the average power user or whatever a marketing team decided to focus their attention on.

Here are a few more questions that I'm often asked during the search for the right backup service:

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