The Importance of Changing your Windows Live Password

Hidden Password or Code on a Login Screen
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Changing your Windows Live Hotmail password on occasion helps keep your account secure.

Email Accounts are Targets for Hacking

Free email services such as Windows Live Hotmail are a popular target for security attacks performed by serious hackers and hobbyists.

To ensure nobody can read your emails or even send some from your Windows Live Hotmail account, you should change your Hotmail password now and then, every few weeks at least.

No Password is Perfectly Secure

Note that a great password is no protection against keyloggers on your computer and people peeking over your shoulder—not even if you change it frequently.

Change Your Hotmail Password Periodically

To change your Windows Live Hotmail password:

  • Select Options… | More Options from the toolbar in Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Follow the Account details (password, aliases, time zone) link under Managing your account.
  • If prompted, type your current Windows Live Hotmail password under Retype your password: and click Sign In.
  • Click Change password under Password and security info.
  • Enter your current Windows Live Hotmail password under Current password.
  • Type the new password in both New password and Reenter password.
  • To ensure you'll continue to change your Windows Live Hotmail password, you can check Make me change my password every 72 days.
  • Click Save.