Why Buy Facebook Credits?

Facebook Credits Are Making Games More Fun

There are a lot of people out there buying Facebook credits. They use these Facebook credits to buy virtual items or game points on Facebook. Thousands of dollars are spent on Facebook credits each day.

Facebook Payment System

The Facebook payment system has made it even easier for people to buy Facebook credits. When you buy Facebook credits, what you're actually doing is buying a new form of currency that can be used anywhere on Facebook. Every time you buy Facebook credits, Facebook gets paid. Every time you spend Facebook credits, the owner of the ​Facebook application you're spending that money on gets paid.

Facebook credits are Facebook's way of making money without resorting to ads or making Facebook users pay a fee to use Facebook. Traditionally, websites made money by either charging a membership fee ​or by offering ads on their site. The Facebook payment system is changing that.

Facebook is certainly not the first online application to use a payment system to earn money, though. Second Life has been doing it for years. They make you pay for linden dollars so you can buy things on Second Life.

What Do Facebook Credits Buy?

There are so many things you can do with Facebook credits once you buy them, such as:

  • Buy point to play Facebook games
  • Buy e-greeting cards
  • Buy virtual items for your virtual Facebook games
  • Buy your avatars some food
  • Buy virtual pets
  • Buy virtual homes

Why Buy Facebook Credits?

Why do people spend so much money on virtual items that aren't real? Don't get me wrong, playing a game to earn Facebook credits is fun andI do it myself, but buying Facebook credits I just don't get.

These are some reasons people buy Facebook credits:

  • To get further in the game faster
  • Boredom -- gives them something to do for an hour or more
  • To make the game more interesting