Anonymous Web Hosting

Why This Type of Web Hosting Is In Great Demand

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Many of us do not want to reveal our web host's IP, domain ownership information, and several sensible facts related to a popular website; this is where anonymous web hosting comes into the picture.

Beware – Anybody Can See Your Hosting Info

If someone gets inquisitive to know the hosting details of a particular domain, they can take help of WhoIs look-up, simply type the domain name and see the complete information about the host, ownership of the domain, date of creation of a website, and much more. Anonymous web hosting ensures that a simple WhoIs look-up gives no information about the hosted domain, and this can be a great asset to hide the sensitive information from competitors, as well as the hackers.

Anonymous domains are privately registered and they are booked in the third party's name, which makes sure that no one can reach you through your domain as your information is not maintained anywhere.

Types of Anonymous Hosts

One thing is to be noted here is that any reputed website hosting provider will never encourage illegal activities through these means. Usually, anonymity is maintained to encourage people like famous bloggers, who want their words to reach out the common people but without knowing their identity, or mostly to safeguard the trade secrets of a particular organization from rest of the world.

There basically are two types of anonymous hosting providers; the ones who ask for your identification before making you anonymous and the others who respect your anonymity from the word go.

Needless to say, the ones who don't ask for customer identification are more popular and hence get more business, and most of them happen to be offshore web hosting providers too. These companies or hosts neither ask for customer's name or address, but open the account by providing a relationship number, which pretty much assures that the customer's identity will never be divulged, no matter what the situation is. After all, when the provider has no record of the customer's details, there remains no scope of the information getting leaking out even accidentally.

Who Demands Identification?

Some of the companies that demand customer identification during sign-up are:

  • CCI Hosting
  • Intl Alliance
  • Exabytes

Who Doesn't Demand Anything?

Some of the companies that don't really demand any kind of customer identification during the anonymous hosting sign-up process include the likes of -

  • Egold Web
  • Ultimate Anonymity
  • Zentek International
  • SwRacks
  • Karaboga
  • Zydus Networks
  • Anonymous Speech
  • Katz Global

Becoming a Good Anonymous Website Hosting Provider

If you really want to make a mark as a great anonymous website hosting, then the first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is customers' privacy. Sure thing, you may not intend to give out any details, but the slightest error in maintaining 100% privacy can turn out to be disastrous for your customers, and they're not going to be amused by your blunders, to say the least.

You must think about it this way – it's as bad as an Internet banking password being click-jacked from a banking website, leaving the customer totally vulnerable! Keeping information safe is a totally different aspect, but the decision of taking personally identifiable information from customers is yet another crucial decision.

If you don't take any such personal information from the customer, and tomorrow you're left in a mess of a cybercrime, a porn/gambling website creating a nuisance, or far worse something like LulzSec group operating from your web server, then you could get into deep trouble.

Hence, there are ways of indirectly taking the information from the customers, without giving them the sense that you're trying to find out their actual identity.

However, small fraudsters and cybercriminals are always up to the challenge of faking the identity, submitting fake identity proofs, and things you can't think of. In such cases, all the efforts may go in vain, and there'd be very little that you can do about all of that.

The Demand for Anonymous Domain Registration and Hosting

As discussed above, there's a great demand for anonymous and private domain registration and hosting today. Even the internet users prefer to use anonymous browsing to prevent phishing sites from recording their keystrokes or any personally identifiable information. The biggest domain registrar – GoDaddy provides private domain registration, and most of the customers don't mind paying few extra dollars for the same.

As a matter of fact, you get free private domain registration when you book more than five domains at one go (I usually do that), and this goes to show you that these services are indeed in great demand, so if you think you can sustain in anonymous website hosting market, then that's your best bet – don't ever worry about shortage of customers!