Who Are Your Facebook Top Friends?

They're Easy to Find

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Place all your Facebook top friends at the top of your Facebook friends list. No longer will you have to search through hundreds of friends to find the one you're looking for. See who has you on their Facebook top friends list too.

Maybe your Facebook top friends are the people you also know in real life. Maybe they're the people you work with. Maybe they're people you've met online and have grown really fond of.

Whoever your Facebook top friends are, you'll now have them on the top of your Facebook friends list.

Set Up Your Facebook Top Friends

  1. Add the Facebook Top Friends application to your Facebook profile.


  2. Then choose from the small photos at the top of the page which friends should be added to your top friend list. Just click on their photo at the top to add them to the list at the bottom.


  3. Cross out the ones on the list that you no longer want on the list by clicking on the X on their photo in the bottom list.


  4. Drag and drop the photos into the order you want your top friends.


  5. Choose a skin for your top friend box.


  6. Click Save.

Top Friends Awards

Now you can give your Facebook top friends an award. Choose who is the smartest, most athletic, most gorgeous, kindest, most loyal, coolest, most romantic, funniest and hottest of your Facebook top friends. Choose a friend from your Facebook top friends list for each of the awards and even write something about them.

There's a trophy cabinet so you can see who has given you an award.