Who Are Minecraft’s Steve and Alex?

The basic facts on the two primary Minecraft characters

Steve and Alex are the two default player skins and the ones you'll see most. Here's a look at everything you might need to know about the two characters.

This article refers to the default player skins. It is also possible to get new Minecraft skins to change the look of players. 

Who Are Steve and Alex in Minecraft?

Steve and Alex are both default player skins in Minecraft. Steve is generally seen as the male character, although, initially, Minecraft creator Notch designed them to be gender-neutral.

After they introduced Steve, Alex followed in 2014 and was seen as an alternate and more feminine model, although, again, the company did not specify a gender.

Steve has close-cropped dark brown hair, dark brown skin, a dark brown nose and mouth, blue eyes, and 4-pixel-wide arms. In contrast, Alex has long bright orange hair, pale, fair skin, dark green eyes, pinkish lips, and slightly more narrow arms at 3 pixels wide.

The Minecraft creator has not officially confirmed their genders to ensure players don't feel they have to conform to any expectations made by the game. 

What Is the Relationship Between Alex and Steve in Minecraft?

As Steve and Alex are different Minecraft skins, they don't have a relationship. Instead, their role is to allow players to choose who they want to control when building their world.

Despite that, a PC Gamer article writes Lego Club Magazine has stated that Steve and Alex are dating. It adds they both enjoy building, while Steve prefers to mine and Alex likes to explore. 

Like gender, no one has confirmed a relationship though there is much speculation among Minecraft lore enthusiasts as to what their relationship is. 

Is Alex From Minecraft a Girl?

While Minecraft creator, Notch, has explained that there's no gender in Minecraft, many players think of Steve as male and Alex as female. When Notch created the Alex skin, it was made to have thinner arms but is otherwise just as blocky as the Steve skin. It also has longer hair, but that's nothing more than a stereotypical suggestion of gender. 

Like much of the game, it's down to the player to interpret things how they wish, as the game doesn't use gender-specific language. 

What is Steve Minecraft's Ethnicity?

As with the gender of both Steve and Alex, no one has confirmed the ethnicity of Steve. While Steve is generally described as having brown or black skin, his ethnicity has never been officially confirmed based on the website description.

Alex has a pale complexion, but Alex's ethnicity isn't confirmed either. Instead, Steve and Alex are described as generic human beings.

  • How do I draw Steve and Alex from Minecraft?

    Steve and Alex are easy to draw using squares and rectangles. Visit an excellent Steve and Alex drawing YouTube tutorial to learn how to draw them step-by-step.

  • How tall is Steve from Minecraft?

    Steve is thought to be about 6 feet and 2 inches tall or 1.875m. In Minecraft, Steve measures about 1.62 blocks in height. 

  • Why is everyone Steve or Alex in Minecraft?

    If everyone turns into Steve or Alex, the default skins, in Minecraft, it means there's been a glitch. Incompatible software can cause this glitch, as can a spotty internet connection that renders the game unable to load its features.

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