Who Are Online 'Haters'?

Online 'haters': people who transmit intolerance and anger towards others
Online 'haters': people who transmit intolerance and anger towards others. Kristian Sekulic / Getty

Online 'haters' are vocal and malicious web users who broadcast hatred and insults whenever they disagree with something or someone. They seek to spread negative opinions and attack a person or an idea.

At the mild end of the spectrum, haters can be 'trolls', people who are just goading others for the sake of childish fun and causing dissent for entertainment.

At the extreme end of the spectrum, haters can be 'five-star haters' who are outright bigots, racists, and militants who will poison the social fabric of a community and actually threaten and stalk the people whom they hate.

Example of mild hating: an online user named Palp

  • Tha-tch: Oh, I'm going to score tickets to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami!
  • Palp: You and your stupid techno music! Enough, already. We're sick of hearing about this, and nobody cares about your music.
  • Tha-tch: Don't be hating my taste in beats. Ultra is AWESOME. If you came, you'd really like it.
  • Palp: Paying 400 bucks to be in a crowd of drunk teenagers and listen to the same 30 seconds of techno garbage repeatedly for three days? You must be an idiot and a child because only idiots and children would do that.
  • Tha-tch: You wouldn't be such a hater if you weren't so old and grumpy. Electronica festivals are the bomb!
  • Palp: Chirp chirp chirp. You're a brainwashed idiot and you're an embarrassment to adult America. Your music is terri-bad, your concerts are over-priced, and your fellow music fans are irresponsible drug addicts. Geez, get a life, Tha-tch!
  • Tha-tch: Hater.
  • Note: in the above example, Palp is not only demonstrating 'hating' as a vigorous disagreement with Tha-tch's personal tastes, but Palp is also trolling Tha-tch to fight back.

Example of serious hating: an online user named Kefka

  • Kefka: I can't believe these idiots in Missouri.  They're too lazy to hold a job, but they have plenty of energy to stand in the streets and bash our cops.
  • Voda: Many of the protestors have jobs, you tard. If you actually read the evidence against the cop shooter, you wouldn't be so quick to judge.
  • Kefka: Enough of your liberal bullsh*t. You and your f***ing protestors are looking to blame anyone but yourselves. You're your own worst enemy, and you expect others to take care of you.  Maybe you should just get back on a boat and go back to where you came from.
  • Chris88: Wow. Just wow. Are you a klansman, kefka? Is this a race thing?
  • Kefka:  Say what you want.  It's about people bringing their sh*tty attitudes into this country and blaming those of us who work for a living because they don't fit in. Why do these people come here if they're not going to contribute?​

Examples of extreme 'five-star' hating:

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