How to Find Out Which Kindle You Have

Identify your Kindle's model, generation, and serial number

What to Know

  • The quick version: Settings > Device Options > Device Info.
  • The Device Info box has most important information about your Kindle, including model, generation, and serial number.

This article will tell you how to figure out which Kindle you have. Once you know the model, you can easily find every last detail about your Kindle.

How Do I Find My Kindle's Model?

Once you know which exact device you have, you’ll know what features and performance to expect. There are lots of reasons to keep this information in mind.

  • Different Kindle models have different screen sizes, storage, and network access.
  • Some older models aren't supported any more, so it may seem like your Kindle is broken when, in fact, the feature is no longer supported.

If you kept the box, check the outside. Your device’s model will probably be printed on a sticker.

Find Your Kindle's Model Name and Number on the Kindle Itself

As long as your Kindle works, you can find information about it in Device Info. Here’s where to find the model name and number.

  1. Tap the More menu in the upper-right corner (three vertical dots), and then choose Settings.

    On some models, the More menu looks like three horizontal lines.

    The main menu on a Kindle with Settings menu item highlighted.
  2. Choose Device Options.

    Device Options highlighted in the Settings section of a Kindle.
  3. Tap Device Info.

    The Device Info menu item highlighted on a Kindle.
  4. Find your Kindle’s model name / number.

    A Kindle's model name / number highlighted on the screen of a Kindle.

Device Info also includes information about your Kindle's firmware, network capabilities, and Wi-Fi MAC Address.

Find Your Kindle's Model on Amazon's Site

You can also find information about your device from your Amazon account. If your Kindle won’t turn on, follow these steps from the Amazon website.

  1. Go to Accounts & Lists > Content & Devices. Hover over your account name to make this appear.

    Content & Devices highlighted in the Account menu on Amazon's site.
  2. Select Devices. It's in the menu bar.

    The Devices menu item highlighted on Amazon's site.
  3. Select Kindle. Your devices will be listed with their model name and generation.

    A Kindle hardware item attached to your Amazon account highlighted in the Devices section on Amazon's site.

Menu options will change in appearance on different devices and firmware versions.

  • How else do I identify which Kindle I have?

    Check Amazon for more information about your Kindle. If you know your Kindle's name and generation, you can check most other specs. You may even be able to identify your Kindle by comparing its appearance to the devices pictured.

  • How do I find my Kindle’s serial number?

    Your Kindle's serial number is the best way to learn which specific device you have as well as other details about your exact device. You'll also need it if you send it in for servicing. You can find it in the Device Info window (More > Settings > Device Options > Device Info) or by clicking your Kindle on Amazon's Devices page.

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