Where to Watch Free Horror Movies Online Legally

Watch free horror movies online legally

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These free horror movies online can be streamed from the comfort of your home, so you can have the lights off, or up, as much as you like.

You'll be able to watch free horror movies online that include both classics and more modern ones like The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Children of the Corn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, After.Life, and Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan.

You can feel great about streaming these movies because all of these horror movie sources are legal. They all fall under public domain or the website has permission from the movie studios to show them.

There are a lot of other websites where you can watch free online movies in just about every genre imaginable, such as comedy, drama, and action. You can also watch your movies on the go with a free movie app.

If you're looking for a new release horror movie you can watch for free, you may want to see if there are any free Redbox codes available to help you do just that. 

Just how much do you know about horror movies? Take these free horror movie quizzes to find out how you stack up.

Crackle's Free Horror Movies Online

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Crackle has a handful of free horror movies online including titles like Candyman, Detention, Ghosts of Mars, Woke Up Dead Movie, Straw Dogs, and The Return.

You can sort the free horror movies by length and title.

Besides the free horror movies that are online at Crackle they also have a lot of other movies and free TV shows that are all legal to watch.

Classic Cinema Online Free Sci-Fi and Horror Movies

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If you're looking for classic horror movies then Classic Cinema Online is an excellent place to find free horror movies online.

You'll find titles like Cause For Alarm!, Sabotage, The Lady Vanishes, Saboteur, Charade, and more classic horror movies you may or may not have seen before.

Yidio's Free Online Horror Movies

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You can drill down into Yidio's free online movies by selecting to view only free movies from the horror section.

This list of free online horror movies keeps going and going with movies like Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan, The Abandoned, Extinction, After.Life, and The Dentist 2.

Free Horror Movies Online at Retrovision

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Retrovision is another place you can go if you want to watch classic horror movies online for free.

Some of the free horror movies online from Retrovision include Terror in the Midnight Sun, It's Alive, Man In The Attic, Grave of the Vampire, Nightmare Castle, The Head, The Gorilla, and How Awful About Alan.

You'll also find horror TV favorites that you can watch the complete series for free.

Popcornflix's Free Streaming Horror Movies

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Popcornflix has a whole list of free online horror movies that you can view by selecting the Horror genre in the main menu.

A few of the more popular movies I spotted at Popcornflix were Scream Play, Evil Remains, Big Bad Wolf, Infected, The Woman, The Taint, Kalamity, and Satans Little Helper.

Viewster's Free Online Horror Movies

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Visit the Horror section at Viewster and you'll be in for quite the treat. The free horror movies here can be organized by latest additions, most viewed, and best rated, as well as filtered by language.

Some movies you'll want to check out here include the Way of the Vampire, Terror Firmer, Cell Count, Cropsey, and The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

Free Online Horror Movies on YouTube

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YouTube may not be widely known as a place where you can stream movies for free, but they actually have a pretty good selection. You'll find several horror movies available here as well.

There's no way to search by genre at YouTube, so you'll have to scroll through the complete list of free movies to find your favorite scary flicks.

You'll find full-length scary movies here like Hellraiser, GirlHouse, Nosferatu, and more.

Movies Found Online's Free Online Horror Movies

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Choose the Horror tag over at Movies Found Online and you'll be able to view a long list of movies that will scare you, shock you, and just freak you out. Some are regular length films while others are short films.

These movies can be sorted by their title or date added and by most viewed or most liked.

There are horror movies from the 1920's to now so you can view something classic or something more contemporary. Kingdom of the Spiders, Reaver, Seraphim, Killdozer, Phantasm, No One Is Thirsty, and Sisters of Death are just a few examples of movies you can watch here.

SnagFilms' Free Online Horror Movies

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SnagFilms is a free movie site that has thousands of free films in many genre categories, including horror.

The movies can be sorted by popularity or simply alphabetically.

The Millennium Bug, Eat Me!, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Lust for Vengeance, Maniac on the Loose, Bad Behavior, The Day of the Dead, and Ashes are just some of the horror movies you can stream for free from SnagFilms.

Free Horror Movies at Tubi TV

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Tubi TV has a one-page list full of free horror movies, in addition to other pages that include many other genres.

Some examples of the horror movies at Tubi TV include The Inflicted, Moonchild, Remmer, Dead Girls, Fatal Beauty, Cryus: Mind of a Serial Killer, Cropsey, Haze, Bestseller, Hell's Caretaker, Jack Frost 2, The Lost, Grace, Call of the Devil, and Mommy's Little Monster.

Internet Archive's Online Sci-Fi & Horror Movies

Internet Archive
Internet Archive logo. Courtesy Internet Archive

Another place to go for legal and free horror movies online is the Internet Archive.

Horror Express, White Zombie, It's Alive, The Monster Maker, The Devil's Messenger, I Bury The Living, Dementia 13, House of Mystery, and Sound of Horror are a few of the free horror movies I found last time I visited Internet Archive.

Public Domain Torrents Free Horror Movies

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All the free horror movies online at Public Domain Torrents are considered public domain meaning that it's completely legal for you to watch them for free. You can also legally download these horror movies for your computer, iPod, and PSP.

There are a lot of great horror movies here, many of them classics, like Medusa, Invisible Ghost, The Ape, Scream Bloody Murder, Silent Night Bloody Night, Metamorphosis, Naked Massacre, Haxan, Fog Island, Murder by Television, and Killers From Space.


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MovieZoot hosts classic films, some of which are sectioned off in the Horror genre.

You can filter the horror movies at MovieZoot by star and/or director, as well as browse through all of them together.

There aren't a lot of films at MovieZoot just yet, but following are some of the free horror movies I found last time I visited: Into the Fire, Day of the Triffids, Teenagers from Outer Space, Carnival of Souls, Bloodtide, The Devil Has Seven Faces, Village of the Dammed, Little Shop of Horrors, and Embryo.

Free Streaming Scary Movies at Free Movies Cinema

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A few free short films in the Horror category can be watched over at Free Movie Cinema.

Gathered in one page are the scary movies, such as Proximity and If I Had A Heart.

Pluto TV

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Pluto TV is both a website you can open in your web browser and a program that you can download to your computer or mobile device, or even stream to your TV, to watch free horror films.

You'll find suspense movies, horror films, monster movies, and more, all day long every single day of the week.

Pluto TV streams horror movies in two ways: You can pick from a list of horror films to watch on-demand any time you want but you can also access a certain channel (much like on a regular TV) and watch whatever is playing right now.

Pluto TV streams horror movies on Channel 709. Visit that link to see what's playing right now straight in your browser, without even having to login to a user account.

To find horror films through the app, go into Free Movies & TV and open the HORROR section to pick from a list of scary movies to watch right now, without having to wait for them to stream from Channel 709.