9 Best Sites With Free Action Movies

Stream free action movies online, completely legally

There are hundreds of free action movies online that you can stream in just a few minutes time from the comfort of your own home through a free movie site, or on the go from your phone or tablet with a free movie app.

Most action movie websites let you browse through the films by subcategories, most popular, and most recently added. This makes it very easy to find something to enjoy immediately.

Examples of free action movie streams from these sites include District 9, Charlie's Angels, Beverly Hills Ninja, Agent Cody Banks 2, Predestination, Rescue Dawn, and many more.

Many of the movie websites listed below also have free horror, drama, and comedy films. These and other movie sites also carry kids movies and documentaries.

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Crackle's Free Action Movies

Free action movies on Crackle
What We Like
  • Don't have to register to watch free movies.

  • Support for subtitles and captions.

What We Don't Like
  • Features frequent ads.

  • Movies are regularly rotated and removed from the list.

  • Can't sort by popularity.

Crackle has a large assortment of dozens of action movies. You can see the action movies recommended by the site, view them all on one page, and filter the list by the date in which they were added to the list.

The following are just a few of the action movies we've been able to watch: Keanu, A Better Way to Die, Attack Force, Gabriel, Edison, and Beowulf.

There are also some free TV shows under the action genre, such as Chosen, Dark Knight, 21 Jump Street, The Beast, Snow and Ashes, and Sheena.

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Free Action Movies at Yidio

Screenshot of free action movies on Yidio
What We Like
  • Collects links to movies hosted on other streaming sites.

  • No membership required to watch movies hosted on Yidio.

What We Don't Like
  • Not all movies are free to watch.

  • Video playback quality is good but inconsistent.

Yidio has lots of movies in several genres, and from many online sources. You can filter the movies by title and rating, such as R, G, or PG-13.

Choose Free as the source and Action from the genre section to find movies such as We Were Soldiers, Aeon Flux, Red, Anna, The Italian Job, and Deep Impact.

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Free Action Movies at Vudu

Screenshot of Vudu's free action movies
What We Like
  • Lots of high-quality movies.

  • Adds new movies often.

  • Useful sorting options.

What We Don't Like
  • Not everything you find is free to watch.

  • Ads are in every film.

Vudu is a great source for free action movies because there are high-quality options and lots of movies you're probably already familiar with.

A few of the most-watched free action films here include Daughter of the Wolf, The Wave, The Boondock Saints, Shockwave, Tainted, Escape, and America Has Fallen.

Some movies on Vudu are available only at a cost. To make sure you're viewing only the free ones, be sure to check the Free movies only box or look for titles that say Free With Ads.

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Free Action Movies at Popcornflix

free action movies on Popcornflix
What We Like
  • Staff picks section is a great way to find new movies.

  • Big collection of action movies.

What We Don't Like
  • Lots of commercials.

  • Can't filter the list of action movies.

Lots of other free action movies are available through Popcornflix. Some that we've seen include Evolution, 24Seven, AI 187, The Mighty Kong, and Exit Humanity.

While there are hundreds of action movies here, you can't sort the list by popularity or recently added, so you have to just scroll through it or search by title.

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Tubi's Free Action Movies

free action movies on tubi
What We Like
  • Multiple video playback quality options.

  • "Not on Netflix" section has films you won't find elsewhere.

  • Long list of action films.

What We Don't Like
  • Not available in Europe and some other countries.

  • Videos include lots of repetitive ads.

  • Can't sort the action movies.

Another source of hundreds of free action movies is Tubi. This site is easy to use, offers HD movies, includes subtitles, and works in full screen mode.

The last time we visited Tubi, action movies like these were available for free streaming: Transporter 3, Apocalypto, Rise of the Legend, In the Blood, Takken, Kin, and Stolen.

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The Roku Channel's Free Action Movies

Screenshot of the Roku Channel free action movies
What We Like
  • Great selection.

  • High-quality films.

  • Supports captions.

  • No user account required.

What We Don't Like
  • Action movies can't be sorted by date or popularity.

  • Must scroll left to right to view the movies.

Although the Roku Channel looks like a Roku-only streaming service, it runs from a computer, too.

There's an entire section for action movies like Armageddon, Wind River, Enemy of the State, It Follows, and Predestination.

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YouTube's Free Action Movies

Screenshot of free movies on YouTube
What We Like
  • Updated often with new free movies.

  • Find obscure older films and shows you won't see elsewhere.

  • Engage with other viewers in the comments.

What We Don't Like
  • No page that shows just the action films.

There are thousands upon thousands of videos on YouTube, along with movie trailers, TV shows, and even movies. However, because the movies aren't categorized by genre, you’re unable to filter them to find just the action films.

A couple action movies we've seen on YouTube include Gone, Gun Street, The Spirit, Lord of War, and 6 Bullets, though there are many more to uncover.

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Free Action Movies at Freevee

Freevee free action movies
What We Like
  • High-quality options.

  • Built right into IMDb's collection of movie information.

  • Enable subtitles.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't sort the movies by popularity of recently added.

  • Must log in to watch anything.

Amazon's Freevee has tons of free movies, many that you've heard of but also some original titles.

There aren't any sorting options for just the action movies, so you'll have to flip through them manually. A few examples include Ninja, Elite Squad 2, War Inc., Easy Money 2, Kill Switch, and Sacrifice.

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Pluto TV's Free Action Movies

Free action movie streams on Pluto TV
What We Like
  • On-screen guide automatically adjusts to your timezone.

  • Supports 4K streaming for some channels.

  • Has live and on-demand films.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't filter the on-demand titles by popularity.

Pluto TV has an always-on, live TV channel showing action movies all day, every day. You can watch these movies right now on your computer, TV, or mobile device without creating a user account.

Another way to find free action movies on Pluto TV is through their long list of on-demand movies. This is different from the live TV option because you can start, stop, fast forward, etc., just like you can when watching a recorded movie.

A few of the on-demand action titles we've seen include The 6th Day, The Devil's Own, Half Past Dead, The Art of War, Congo, The International, The Score, The Four Feathers, Ca$h, Sinners and Saints, Maximum Impact, and 6 Ways to Die.

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