Where to Watch Free Action Movies Online

Stream free action movies online legally

There are hundreds of free action movies online that you can stream in just a few minutes time from the comfort of your own home or on the go from your tablet with a free movie app.

You can browse through the free action movies by subcategories, by most popular, and by most recently added. This makes it very easy to find an action movie that you can enjoy immediately.

Some of the action movies you'll be able to stream for free include Beverly Hills Ninja, The Code, The Patriot, Blackout, Boy Wonder, Split Second, and The Elite, plus many more.

Many of the free online movie websites listed below also have free horror, drama, and comedy films. There are even kids movies and documentaries you can stream for free.

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Free Streaming Action Movies at Hulu

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Hulu is a website that lets you stream action movies for free. You can view popular action movies and those that were recently added to Hulu. There are also subsections for action and adventure movies, such as Espionage, Martial Arts, Military and War, 80s Action, and Westerns.

It’s easy to filter the movies to find just the free ones, and you can also see the most popular action movies from today, this week, this month, and all time.

Black Widow, Alien Rising, Split Second, Blackout, Boy Wonder, and Last Man Standing are a few of the more popular action movies you can watch at Hulu.

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Crackle's Free Action Movies

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Crackle has a large assortment of dozens of action movies. You can see the action movies recommended by Crackle, view them all on one page as well as filter the action movies by the date in which they were added to the list.

The following are just some of the action movies you can watch for free at Crackle: Beverly Hills Ninja, The Patriot, The Code, La Femme Nikita, Dante's Peak, Vantage Point, Lockout, and Dead Man Down.

There are also some free TV shows under the action genre, such as Chosen, Blue Exorcist, R.O.D. The TV, and Cleaners.

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Viewster's Free Action Movies

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The action movies at Viewster can be sorted by best rated, most viewed, or most recently added. You can also filter the movies by a particular language.

Some of the most popular action movies at Viewster include Meteor Apocalypse, Cannibal! The Musical, The Elite, Supercroc, and Power Play.

Viewster also has movie trailers and scenes from action movies.

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Free Action Movies at Yidio

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Yidio has lots of movies in several different genres, and from many different online sources. You can filter the movies by title and rating, such as R, G, or PG-13.

Choose Free as the source and Action from the genre section to find movies such as Olympus Has Fallen, 13 Assassins, Hunt to Kill, and Drunken Master.

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SnagFilms' Free Action Movies

SnagFilms free online movies
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SnagFilms also has many free action movies that you can watch right now at no cost. 

There’s a section to view the most popular action films, one for recently added movies, and subcategories like Samurai, Science Fiction, and Fighting to organize the action movies even further.

Fearless, The Fast and the Furious, The Lazarus Papers, Ninja Cheerleaders, Stone of Destiny, and Recon are some of the more popular action movies to be found at SnagFilms.

SnagFilms recommends movies below the ones you’re watching to help you find other films you may like.

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Action Movies at Watch Documentary

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Watch Documentary’s action films are sectioned off in the Adventure category. You can filter the results by date added, views, and rating to find an appropriate movie.

Some of the action movies at Watch Documentary are Slug It Out, On Top of the World, Skyliners, and Undercity.

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Stream Free Action Movies From Movies Found Online

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Free Movies Online has both new and old action films. You can sort the movies by title, recently added, most viewed, and most liked. Also, they're all listed on a single page to make scrolling through them really easy.

The Beastmaster, Born of Hope, Bag Man, Ghost Rider: The Final Ride, Power/Ranger, Random Stop, Proximity, and The Shadow Of Mordor are some of the free action movies you watch at Free Movies Online.

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Free Action Movies at Popcornflix

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The action movies at Popcornflix are categorized under the Action section of the menu. You can sort the films by popularity or title, and they're listed on a single page for easy viewing.

Of around 80 action movies are Angels Dance, The Journeyman, Under Heavy Fire, 18 Fingers of Death, The Democratic Terrorist, Viper, U.S. Seals, Tunnel Rats, Amigo, and The Black Knight.

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Tubi TV's Free Action Movies

The Tubi TV logo.

Another free source for action movies is Tubi TV, categorized as Action-Thriller Movies.

Around 170 action films were available the last time I visited Tubi TV, some of which were Prayer to a Vengeful God, A Dominatrix Story, White, The Shortcut, The Drummer, and Green River.

In addition to free movies at Tubi TV are free TV shows. The action TV shows are labeled Action Reality TV.

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YouTube's Free Action Movies

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There are thousands upon thousands of videos on YouTube, along with movie trailers, TV shows, and even movies. Though because movies are not categorized by genre, you’re unable to filter them to find just the action films.

A couple of the action movies I ran across at YouTube include Gun Street and 6 Bullets, though there are many more to be found.

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Free Action Movies at MovieZoot

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Another source for free action films, along with several other genres, is MovieZoot. All of MovieZoot's action movies are on one page to make it really easy to scroll through and find something to watch.

Beat the Devil, 36 Crazy Fists, High Risk, Fists of Fury, Deadline, and Cry of the Innocent are just a few of the free action movies you can get here.

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Pluto TV's Free Action Movies

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Pluto TV has an always-on, live TV channel showing action movies all day, every day.

You can watch these movies right now on your computer without creating a user account, and even put the action movies directly onto your mobile device or TV.

If you use Pluto TV from your phone or tablet, you can also access over 20 additional on-demand action films from the Free Movies + TV section. This is different than the live TV option in that you can start, stop, fast forward, etc., just like you can when watching a recorded movie.