Where to Find Reaction GIFs

Find animated GIFs to use on Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter and more

Photo © Steve Lewis Stock / Getty Images

So, reaction GIFs are a serious thing on the Internet now. If you've ever wished you could communicate a facial expression, your own body language or emotional feeling in the most visual form possible on the Internet, then using an animated GIF to express your reaction might just be the solution you're looking for.

Visual content absolutely dominates social networking these days. Tumblr and Reddit have always been known to be primary sources for GIF-sharing, but now, even some of the other big ones like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have integrated GIF support into their platforms.

Here are a few resources you can take a look at to start a collection of GIFs for when there's no way to express your reaction in simple text format.


Giphy is the web's search engine for GIFs. There's even an option for Reactions at the top, so you can click that to get an immediate preview of great GIFs to use for reactions like #no, #lol, #happy and so much more.

A list of reaction hashtags are listed below if you need ideas. Alternatively, you can browse through the other categories or type in an keyword or hashtag in the giant search bar at the top if you're looking for something more specific.

Google Image Search >> Search Tools >> Type >> Animated

Google recently introduced an animated GIF filter into its image search. Simply go to Google Images, type in any keyword or phrase and press earch, then select Search Tools followed by Type and finally Animated.

This will filter out all the regular images and just show you animated GIFs related to your search. It's a handy tool when you know exactly what you're looking for.


Everyone on Reddit loves GIFs, and you can check out the Reaction GIFS subreddit for some of the best, although you'll often find great GIFs shared all over the place on Reddit -- no matter what subreddit or topic.

In /r/reactiongifs, you may often see the MRW abbreviation in posts, which stands for My Reaction When. It's just a quicker way to explain the situation and related reaction.


ReplyGIF is similar to Giphy, but displays a grid of reactions on the front page and basically nothing else. The only useful tool that this site lacks is a search bar to find more specific GIFs based on keywords or hashtags.


ReactionGIFs.me is similar to ReplyGIF.net, again lacking the search bar to find more specific reactions. You can still check out the Galleries and Tags in the top menu to help narrow your search.

At the very least, you can take advantage of the menu at the top, which lets you browse through replies, top rated GIFs, most viewed GIFs, random and a nice long list of reaction tags.

Search the #reactiongif  Tag on Tumblr

When in doubt, go to one of the top places where GIFs are shared online -- Tumblr! If you follow enough active Tumblr blogs, you've probably noticed that it's a common thing to reblog someone else's post and add a reaction GIF in the caption.

Simply type reaction GIF or #reactiongif in the Tumblr search bar, and you'll be able to see a grid of the most popular results, along with a selection of blogs along the top that specialize in delivering that type of content.

Pinterest Search >> 'GIF'

Pinterest recently launched animated GIF support directly in pinned content, and you can tell a regular image from an animated one by looking for the GIF play icon at the bottom left of any animated image. You can press that to view the animation in motion.

Simply by searching for GIF in the Pinterest search bar, you can take a look at some of the most recently pinned animated GIFs. You can take it a step further by following any boards that feature GIF-themed content.

Make Your Own GIFs

When all else fails, you can always learn how to make your own animated GIF to get the exact reaction you need. It's a lot easier than you think.

Check out this short step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own using the free GIMP program, or take a look at these free GIF maker apps if you want to film and publish your own.