Where to Find Funny GIFs Online

Start with These Sites for the Funniest GIFs

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Funny GIFs can provide hours of entertainment if you know where to look and how to find the best ones. Image sharing has been popular online for some time, but funny GIFs tend to go much more viral these days.

The funniest GIFs can be hard to come by, so here are some tips on where you can start looking.

Search Tumblr’s “GIF” Tag

Tumblr is the ultimate social network for image and GIF sharing. If you head on over to Tumblr.com/Search, you'll see a bunch of personalized recommendations of blogs to follow, and you can pick out the GIFs by looking for the ​moving images in the post thumbnails.

So, browsing through Tumblr.com/tagged/gif will turn up real-time results of people posting GIFs. Not all of them are technically funny, and you’re almost certainly bound to come across some extremely NSFW content in that tag, but it’s a good place to start.

10 Weird & Funny Tumblr Blogs You Should Follow

To break it down a little more, you can combine tags to search for funny GIFs. For example, you could search Tumblr posts that include the tags “funny” and “GIF” at Tumblr.com/tagged/funny+gif.

Pay attention to blog owners that post a lot of GIFs in the stream, because they may be worth following individually. Just searching through this particular tag stream will often show a lot of great posts from GIF-themed blogs.​​

If you have a Tumblr account, you could follow that blog to have all of its posts show up on your Tumblr dashboard.

Search Reddit’s /r/GIFs/

There’s a subreddit on Reddit that’s entirely dedicated to sharing great and often very funny GIFs.

You can find it at Reddit.com/r/GIFs/.

The great thing about Reddit is that all the best content gets pushed up to the top of the list by users that upvote the stuff they like and downvote the stuff that isn’t worth being shown on the front page.

Like most image-based shares on Reddit, a lot of the GIFs will be hosted on Imgur.com, a free image sharing site.

Search Google for “Buzzfeed GIF”

It doesn’t look like BuzzFeed, a leading site that specializes in viral content, has a dedicated section for GIFs. There are, however, some great GIFs on this site.

To find them, just do a simple Google search for “BuzzFeed gifs” and a bunch of results showing BuzzFeed’s iconic list-style posts should pop up. Most lists posts have at least 15 or more in one post, so you’re bound to come across some super funny GIFs.

The Definitive Collection of Cat GIFs is a great place to start.

Search KnowYourMeme.com

You can do virtually the same thing for KnowYourMeme.com as you did with BuzzFeed above, by searching “KnowYourMeme.com GIFs” in Google, which should turn up some ideal results.

KnowYourMeme.com focuses on tracking, confirming and telling the complete story of Internet memes that go viral. Many of them are GIFs, and many of them are funny.

Alternatively, KnowYourMeme.com has a http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/subcultures/gif/photosgallery of GIFs here that you can browse through.

Search Photobucket

For your ultimate convenience, Photobucket has a page dedicated to their collection of nearly 6,000 animated funny GIFs, and just by glancing quickly over the first page, it’s obvious that there are some great ones in there.

Find Sites That Specialize in GIFs

This may take some more digging around on the web, and you may have to do some further digging to find the really funny GIFs, but there are certain sites entirely dedicated to displaying great GIFs and nothing else.

Sites like GIFs.net and GIFsoup.com are a couple, but like we said in the beginning--Tumblr is crazy full of GIFs, and there are blogs entirely dedicated to GIF content.

Try searching “GIF Tumblr” in Google to have a list of ​Tumblr blogs with the word “GIF” in their URLs come up in the search results.

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