Find Baseball Audio on Radio Stations, Apps, and Podcasts

Take baseball with you wherever you go

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Looking for radio coverage of your favorite baseball team? Whether you live in the city where your baseball team plays or thousands of miles away from the team you love, there are options for getting your fix. Listen to a podcast produced by your favorite team, and don't miss live play on the radio

Flagship Stations

Flagship AM and FM radio stations that provide coverage of baseball teams are listed on the Team Radio Flagships page at The call letters for each team’s hometown station are listed, along with the teams that are playing, which team is playing at home and which is playing away, and the game time. After the game is complete, you can search on a game date and listen to the highlights or a condensed version of the game.

Flagship stations usually have an affiliated network of geographically separate smaller stations that rebroadcast the audio from the flagship station on game day. To find out if there is a network station closer to you, contact the flagship station and inquire.

Satellite Radio

In addition to live play-by-play coverage, Sirius XM subscription radio service offers baseball fans 24-hour coverage of baseball on MLB Network Radio, the premium radio channel dedicated to covering Major League Baseball seven days a week.

MLB Network radio offers comprehensive radio coverage of the Major Leagues with a daily lineup of talk shows hosted by baseball experts and insiders such as Cal Ripken Jr., Bill Ripken, Rob Dibble, Jim Duquette, Kevin Kennedy, Buck Martinez, and others. Podcasts produces a lineup of baseball podcasts that include 30 team-specific podcasts and 19 general-interest baseball podcasts. Download the free podcasts to your mobile device and take baseball with you everywhere you go.

Mobile Apps

At Bat is the official app of Major League Baseball and a source for live baseball on your iPhone or iPad and on Android mobile devices. The app charges a monthly or yearly fee for all live games from opening day to the World Series.

Along with general interest baseball apps, most MLB teams have their own baseball apps. Fans of a specific team can be super focused on a single team's scores, stats, schedules, news, trade info, and local events.

Network Television

MLB Network is a TV station, not a radio station, but it supplies full-time coverage of baseball during the season and baseball talk shows in the offseason. Check your local channel lineup for MLB Network.

Minor League

Anyone interested in up and coming players can benefit from the MLB Pipeline podcast. It is packed with exclusive coverage of Minor League Baseball that you can't get anywhere else., the official website of Minor League Baseball provides fans with audio of Minor League play around the country. For more information, visit its audio page.

If you love baseball, these starting points should give you a great edge in finding all the audio you want to enjoy the game to the fullest.