How to Locate and Use Your Facebook Check-In Map

The Check-In map replaced the 'Where I've Been' app

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The "Where I've Been" map app for Facebook was an interactive map that allowed you to add all the places you'd been and places where you wanted to go someday. That app is no longer available on Facebook, much to the dismay of many users.

The built-in Check-In map offers some similar features, though. It automatically drops a point on a map for every place you check-in to on the social networking site and for the locations of any photos you upload with location metadata. However, there is no way to manually add a point for somewhere you went in the past—unless you upload a photo with location data

Depending on your settings, you may have trouble finding the Check-In map on Facebook.

Show the Check-In Section

Go to your Timeline and click on More under the large Timeline photo to see if Check-In is selected to display. If you don't see it in the list, click on Manage Sections and check the box next to Check-Ins.

Display the Map

To view your check-in map:

  1. Click About on your Timeline home page.
  2. Scroll down to the Check-In section.
  3. Click on Cities at the top of the Check-In section to display the map.

When the map is displayed, you can enlarge or reduce it with the plus and minus symbols and scroll with a mouse. Shortcuts to specific cities where you've been are listed at the top of the map. When you click on the name of a city, the map jumps to that location, where red pins indicate the location and number of photos you posted on Facebook of that location. Click on a pin to bring up a window that displays the photos. Use the arrows to scroll through all the photos uploaded from that location. From within the map, you can read comments on the photos that pop up, tag friends, like a photo, or share it, without leaving the Check-In map. 

Viewing a Friend's Check-In Map

As long as your Facebook friends don't have Check-In hidden, you'll find their maps in the same location as you found yours—on their Timelines under the About tab. Click on Cities to display the map. This time you'll see red pins for the locations where your friends have checked-in or uploaded photos with location data. Clicking on a pin opens a view of the photos if the friend allows the display of their photos. If your friend's permissions allow, you can like, comment, share the photo, and read comments others made on the photo.