iOS 7 FAQs: Where Has the AirPlay Icon Gone?

A troubleshooting guide to solve the missing AirPlay symbol in iOS 7

If you've already used AirPlay in previous versions of iOS to listen to your digital music library, then you will know how cool it is (like Bluetooth) to be able to wirelessly stream songs all around your home — via compatible hardware like AirPlay speakers for example.

Whether you are new to AirPlay and iOS 7, or have used it for a while and are now having problems, work through the steps in this guide to try and troubleshoot your particular issue.

Have You Recently Upgraded to iOS 7?

If so, then you'll probably be wondering where the AirPlay tab is in iTunes — and if something went wrong when you upgraded to iOS 7. AirPlay is now accessible via the Control Center which can be displayed by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen.

Has the AirPlay Icon Disappeared and Now You Can't Stream Songs?

Wireless networks can be unpredictable beasts. And, AirPlay devices are no exception. Sometimes you may find that there is a breakdown in the AirPlay network somewhere with no obvious signs. If this has happened, then work through the following checklist to recover from this:

  1. Check your Airplay hardware: Verify playback devices (like speakers etc.) are still functioning. If there's nothing obvious it is still wise to turn them off for 10 seconds and then on again to re-initialize (wait 30 seconds or so to see if you can stream songs).
  2. Check your iOS device: Ensure Wi-Fi is still working (Settings > Wi-Fi). Also, check that your iOS device is connected to the right network (not the guest network). This has to be the same for all your AirPlay devices. If you suspect that your iOS device is at fault, then reboot it.
  3. Reboot Wi-Fi Router: Turn off your router for 10 seconds and then on again. Wait a few minutes and then see if you can now stream songs from your iOS device.
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