Where Can I Find Paid Blogging Jobs?

A Collection of Resources to Find a Paid Blogging Job

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As more and more people are recognizing the power of the blogosphere, more and more blogs are popping up everyday. Many of those blogs need bloggers, and many of those are paying blogging jobs. Following is a list of resources to find paid blogging jobs.

Problogger: Darren Rowse's blog about blogging is one of the best places to find paid blogging jobs.

Indeed.com: Performing a search for 'blogger' or a similar search tool on Indeed.com will provide a list of results culled from various websites.

Freelance Writing Jobs: This site provides a list of links to blogging jobs found by searching the Internet each day.

About Freelance Writing: Ann Wayman lists a variety of blogging positions found by searching the Internet.

Writers Weekly: Writers Weekly is a site dedicated to helping writers. The blogging jobs listed on Writers Weekly include paid classified ads as well as a compilation of original market listings that are received from the editors at each publication.

Media Bistro: Media Bistro occasionally includes blogging jobs in their job listings.

Craigslist: Many people post blogger jobs on Craigslist.

Freelance Websites: There are a variety of websites that enable employers to find and hire freelancers, including freelance bloggers.

As with any job posting, do your research and make sure the opportunity is legitimate before jumping in blindly. If the job seems too good to be true, it probably is.