When to Buy Online For the Gifts You Need

Find out when and where the best online shopping deals take place

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Want to skip the lines this year? With so many online retailers jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon and offering free shipping deals to compete with physical "brick-and-mortar" stores, there are few good reasons to get out of your PJs and actually go to a store, and many great reasons to stay at home. Did we mention shopping in your PJs?

But first, you'll want to know when the best shopping days are for online purchases, where to shop and what to buy. So we'll take a look at the premier pre-Holidays sales and what items have the best deals on those days.

Veteran's Day Weekend

Veteran's Day may not be known for holiday shopping, but it is the big holiday sale before the madness that begins on Thanksgiving. Think smaller ticket items, especially clothing. Small appliances can also be good. This is also a great time for stocking stuffers. Veteran's Day sales won't compete with Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but it's a good time to cross a few people off the list.

Thanksgiving Day

While Cyber Monday may seem synonymous with online holiday shopping, you may get the best deals even before Black Friday. And that's the beauty of online shopping. While actually going to a store on Thursday may sound like way too much activity after eating all of that turkey and stuffing, shopping online is something you can do during halftime of the Thanksgiving Day games.

Think Black Friday has the best deals on TVs? Check out the sales on Thursday. Turkey day is also great for electronics, appliances, tools and beauty products.

Black Friday

Everyone's favorite shopping day to hate, right? That's why we love shopping online. And online retailers know it, which is why some of their best deals tend to appear on Black Friday instead of Cyber Monday.

Amazon always does a great job on Black Friday, but they aren't the only game in town. Toys R Us , Best Buy and Target all have great Black Friday sales. And if you have a Target card, don't forget that 5% extra savings you get on top of the Black Friday deals.

While deals on electronics have moved to Thanksgiving Day, this isn't true for tablets or smartphones. But where Black Friday is king is in the toy department.

Cyber Monday

While laptops are great buy on Cyber Monday, most other electronics will have the best sales on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday. Fashion, however, is a different matter. Especially shoes. You can also find some good deals on kitchen appliances, but some of the very best deals will be on travel. Expect to see a lot of travel packages with discount prices on Cyber Monday.

Green Monday

Want to know when to stop shopping? Green Monday, which falls on December 11th in 2017, marks the day when shipping gets iffier. And while UPS and FedEx may say waiting until the 15th is fine, the safe bet is to order everything by the 13th. The good thing is stores know about this date as well, and in recent years, Green Monday sales have begun taking off.

The first week of December leading into Green Monday is a good time to shop for HDTVs if you didn't get a great deal on Black Friday. Surprisingly, jewelry often has some of its best discounts around this time. This is also the last best time to buy Toys.

How to Shop Online Sales

You can also use the web to your advantage in finding the best sales or online retailers you may not know. Social media can be a real boon on frenzied shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In addition to reading what your friends are buying on Facebook, try these websites:

  • Twitter will have hashtags going for all the big sales. Search #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday to find out what everyone is talking about on social media.
  • Instagram is another good website for finding good deals. This can be especially good for items like clothing. Try following the brand you are interested in shopping to see if they are posting about any sales.
  • Coupon sites like eBates, Coupons and Krazy Coupon Lady will not only point you in the right direction of some of the best sales, you can also get some coupon codes that might lead to even better deals.
  • Amazon is another great resource for more than just gift buying. If you are unsure about a product you find elsewhere on the web, look it up on Amazon to (1) double check the price and (2) read the customer reviews. Amazon receives far more product reviews than most online retailers, which makes it great for product research as well as product purchasing.