When Chkdsk Gets Stuck at 27 Percent

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It's a gorgeous first weekend of summer, so what do I decide to do? Yup, upgrade some laptops.  So of course I'm running into the Murphy's Law of computer upgrades (whatever can go wrong, will). This time, it's Windows 8 stuck while doing chkdsk at 27%. For hours.

If you're not familiar with the chkdsk command, basically, this is Windows' the disk scanning and repair tool. I had to run it because while in the process of trying to clone the laptop's hard drive onto a new SSD (opening up a whole other can of worms), the cloning program found errors on the source disk.

So, hey, why not run chkdsk?

Looking around the web, it seems that in Windows 8, chkdsk gets stuck at 27 percent for a lot of people.  It jumps from 5 or 6% to 27% and hangs there, the little progress circle spinning as if it's still doing something.

It might be. The problem is that with Windows 8, Microsoft changed the way chkdsk looks so it no longer tells you what's happening as it's running, the way it did in Windows 7 and before. The new chkdsk screen might look prettier, but it sure isn't informative at all.

From my web research, it seems that leaving chkdsk to run (still saying 27%) for hours--3 to 7 hours, even--will finally result in Windows 8 booting back up. Patience is the key, because doing a hard shutdown (holding down the power button) while your drive is being read or written to could cause big problems, like having to reinstall Windows completely.

The takeaway is to not run chkdsk unless you won't need your computer for hours.

Mine is still at 27 percent and it's been running for two hours; I'll update this post later with the results. I guess it's my laptop's way of telling me to go enjoy the summer day.

Updated to add: It took about 4 hours, but eventually chkdsk stopped and Windows started. Whew.

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