WhatsApp Working on Privacy Customization Controls

You soon could choose who can and can't see things

WhatsApp is working on developing a way to hide your active status from specific contacts. 

Initially spotted by WABetaInfo, the app is working on privacy tools that would put you in more control of who sees your status. With the new customizable feature, you would be able to choose "Everyone," "Nobody," "My Contacts," and now, "My Contacts Except" for your Last Seen. 

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The option to choose who sees what aspects of your WhatsApp profile will go beyond the Last Seen feature and include your Profile Picture and your About, which contains things like your bio. 

Android Police notes that disabling the Last Seen feature to specific people or groups will still mean that you won’t be able to see their Last Seen information, as well. 

This is the latest update that has been reported to come to the popular messaging app. Most recently, WhatsApp announced it would let users share better quality photos and videos in a future app update.

In the update, users will be able to choose the video quality of the media they upload. You’ll be able to select between three options: "Auto (which is recommended)," "Best quality," and "Data saver" when uploading a video or a photo.

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The app also got an update that allows Android Auto support in the app, so you can chat safely while in the car.

In addition, WhatsApp was supposed to come out with a huge privacy policy update in May that would make users accept the new terms and conditions or lose access to their accounts and features. However, the app relaxed the hard May 15 deadline to accept the terms and is giving users plenty of more time.

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