WhatsApp Will Let You Choose Quality of Videos and Images You Send

No more automatic compression

WhatsApp will let users share better quality photos and videos in a future app update. 

WABetaInfo published info about what to expect in the WhatsApp beta for Android and noted users will be able to choose the video quality of the media they upload. Based on screenshots, you’ll be able to select “Auto (recommended),” “Best quality,” and “Data saver,” when uploading a video or a photo. 

WhatsApp icon on phone screen

Thomas Ulrich / Pixabay

According to the screenshots, the “Best quality” videos and photos are larger and can take longer to send, while the "Data saver" option will compress all videos and photos the same way before sending. 

Right now, the only way to upload a video or photo on WhatsApp without compressing it is to change your file’s extension to a document rather than a video or photo. Otherwise, WhatsApp automatically compresses any image you send so that it loads faster for other people to view on slower networks. This soon-to-happen update will allow a much easier process for users to send better-quality media files to friends and family over the app. 

WABetaInfo said the feature is under development and noted that it was only spotted on Android beta, but it’s safe to assume a similar plan for iOS also is in the works. 

WhatsApp recently got an Android update that allows Android Auto support in the app, so you can chat safely while in the car. 

The popular messaging app was supposed to come out with a huge privacy policy update in May that would force users to accept the new terms and conditions, or lose access to their accounts and features. Thankfully, the app relaxed the harsh May 15 deadline to accept the terms and is giving users more time. 

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