WhatsApp Web For Your Computer

Using WhatsApp with Your Computer Synchronized with Your Smartphone

Screenshot of WhatsApp Web start page.

WhatsApp is finally not only restricted to smartphones, but can also be used with personal computers. No, it is not by installing an Android emulator or stuff like, it works directly in Windows, using an app endorsed by WhatsApp and that runs on your Chrome browser.

It has become a trend now that popular instant messaging and social networks app for smartphones extend their reach to other devices especially desktop and laptop computers.

Computers are connected to the Internet on a permanent basis and there is no need to count the megabytes like with a data plan, and some people spend a lot of time on computers. Also, some multimedia files are better accessed and manipulated on a personal computer than a mobile device. Finally, typing is way easier on a computer than on a relatively small smartphone.

How to Install

There is nothing to install! You first require to have WhatsApp running on your smartphone. By running, I mean installed there and registered and working fine. Make sure that you are running the latest version of WhatsApp on your portable device. In order to check this, go to Google Play and open the WhatsApp page. If your app is not of the latest version, you should see a button for upgrade.

Then, you need to have the latest version of Google Chrome browser running on your computer. In your browser, go to http://web.whatsapp.com.

You will see a page with a QR code, which you will have to scan. In fact this step is the only procedure for getting things running.

To scan the QR code, open WhatsApp on your mobile phone, touch the Setting menu and in the drop-down list, select WhatsApp Web. Your camera will be activated through WhatsApp with a square aperture.

Just fit the QR code that appears on your computer screen inside the square on your smartphone. Once it captures the code, which happens very quickly, it says Got It. Touch it to exit.

You now have WhatsApp up and running on your computer. There is no need to install any app or register anything. Whatever is on your smartphone is synchronized with your computer. Note that you need to have your smartphone connected to the Internet for all this to work. It is preferable here to use WiFi as the synchronization cannot be controlled and it can consume much data.

Check the “Stay connected” open on the QR code page to avoid having to rescan upon entering the page each time.

Using WhatsApp Web

Your WhatsApp Web will always open in your browser. Just type web.whatsapp.com, or add a bookmark button there so to open it in a click. Note here again that for it to work, your smartphone need to be connected to the Internet. Everything synchronizes from there.

Once your smartphone loses connection or is off, the app on your computer won’t work. This in itself is a serious drawback since it keeps you tied with the smartphone and tied with your Internet connection. As soon as you load the page for WhatsApp Web, it looks for the smartphone and whenever it is off or is not connected, it just does not work.

So, this app is not a solution for replacing a device with another, as is the case with Skype or Viber. It only allows you to use your computer as an auxiliary, for the facilities that come with it.

In order to log out, you just need to switch off your smartphone, or disconnect it, or select the Log Out option in WhatsApp settings, either on your phone or on the computer. To log back in, scan the QR code once more.

The Interface and Notifications

The WhatsApp Web interface is quite nice and simple, with the conventional panel split into two. On the left side, there is the list of conversations and on the right, the conversation selected.

You are notified of incoming messages and events as with your smartphone. You just need to make sure that notifications are enabled in your settings, which is the case by default. To check this, click on the settings icon on your computer and select Notifications. Desktop Settings and Sounds should be checked (ticked). If you still hear nothing, you should probably see the settings of you chrome browser.

Mac OS Not Supported

WhatsApp Web works for Android devices, BlackBerry (only some models), Nokia (only some models) and Windows Phone on the smartphone side. On the computer side, it works with Chrome on Windows and Linux, but not on Mac OS! Yes, due to restrictions from Apple, iPhone users will not be able to use WhatsApp Web yet. It surely will come later. 


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