WhatsApp Now Lets You Move Chats Between Some Phones

Specifically, iOS users moving to new Samsung phones

WhatsApp finally is introducing the ability to transfer your messages between iOS and Android, starting with some Samsung phones.

The ability to transfer your WhatsApp content securely between operating systems has been high on the community’s wish list for some time now, and WhatsApp is finally making it possible. WhatsApp says the ability to transfer messages between Android and iOS will begin with Samsung phones running Android 10 or higher.

Two smartphones on a colorful background with a cord between them.

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According to WhatsApp, the feature also will become available on other Android devices soon. When transferring your messages, WhatsApp says they won’t be sent to the company. Instead, they will remain completely protected thanks to the application’s end-to-end encryption.

The process also includes voice messages, photos, as well as videos, so all your content can be moved over.

The new feature will automatically be available whenever users go to move their account to a new device that meets the requirements listed above.

How to transfer chats between iOS and Samsung phones


WhatsApp says you’ll need to use the same phone number on the new device as the old device, and that it must be set up with new or factory settings. You’ll also need a USB-C to Lightning Cable.

The ability to transfer your WhatsApp content is available now, so users should be able to make use of it to move their messages and other sent media over without worrying about it being at risk from bad actors.

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