WhatsApp Messenger Review: Five Stars

Mobile Messenger Whats App Gets Top Marks

WhatsApp on iPhone. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the world's most widely used mobile messaging apps, giving Facebook Messenger more than a run for its money. It is primarily a text chat tool which enables both private and group chats.

Whats App offers the ability to send and receive pictures as well as text messages but does not allow voice calls. You can think of it as an instant messaging platform running on mobile phones.

The main appeal of WhatsApp messenger lies in how it lets people send text messages on a smartphone without paying SMS fees to their phone carrier.

The app is cross-platform, so the messages work across every major smartphone platform, including Android, iPhone, Windows, Nokia, and BlackBerry. (You can download Whats App here.)

WhatsApp chief executive Jan Koum announced in April 2013 that the app had more than 200 million active users, who were sending an average of 12 billion messages every day.

In February 2014, Facebook announced it was buying Whatsapp for the stunning price of $19 billion.

Is it Free to Use?

No, WhatsApp was free initially for the first few years after it launched in 2009, but it moved toward implementing a 99-cents-per-year subscription fee in early 2013.

While the cost may seem like an annoyance since we're used to free apps like Facebook, it's relatively cheap considering the fact that WhatsApp is free of advertising. That's right, the company since its creation in 2009 has refused to develop advertising, which it views as an annoyance on mobile phones.

Very user-friendly!

How does WhatsApp Work?

Messages are sent over the Internet rather than over the cellular phone network owned by phone carriers. That means it only works on smartphones with data plans, since sending messages consumes data.

Part of the appeal of this app is its simplicity. Once you download it, you do not need to create a special account or password to use What App.

You simply enter your phone number, which becomes your ID on the system. WhatsApp then reads your phone contacts to identify which of them are using WhatsApp. This function has raised some concerns about privacy since not everyone wants apps to be able to read or access all their mobile contacts information.

One of the downsides of WhatsApp is that you can only send and receive messages from other users of the app since it does not have cross-over capability into the regular SMS system, or into Facebook Messenger. Some people think this will give an advantage to Facebook Messenger in the long run since Facebook's mobile chat app does have the ability to tap into the SMS system.

Facebook Messenger also allows for voice calling, making it more powerful than WhatsApp in some respects.

Multimedia Messaging on Whats App?

You can attach images, video or audio files to messages you send through the app, just like you can with Facebook Messenger or even with Twitter, for that matter, though it doesn't make it as easy to send a text message AND a video or photo at the same time.

But you cannot place or receive a real-time voice call with the app, as you can with Facebook's mobile apps and some other mobile messaging programs.

It does, however, allow users to use emoticons with their messages. WhatsApp  allows users to hold group text chats with up to 10 people at a time.

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