WhatsApp Gives You More Control Over Disappearing Messages

More durations and a default disappearing option are here

WhatsApp has added new options to its disappearing messages feature, including new duration settings and a way to set it up by default for new chats.

WhatsApp announced the new disappearing messages additions on Monday. It initially released disappearing messages in 2020, with a later update that made photos and videos immediately vanish after one viewing. Now, though, the instant messenger says it wants to give you more control of how and when your messages poof.

WhatsApp message notification on smartphone lock screen

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Previously, users could only make messages disappear after seven days. You also had to manually turn it on for every single chat. Now, though, WhatsApp is adding two new durations and the option to turn it on for new chats by default. The new durations will make your messages disappear as soon as 24 hours after sending or as long as 90 days after. The seven-day option still remains, too. 

You can now turn on disappearing messages as the default option for chats as well. When set, a message will display in your chats to let people know this is the default option you've chosen, which should remove any confusion when messages vanish after a certain amount of time. If you need the messages in a conversation to stay permanent, though, WhatsApp says you can always disable disappearing messages for that specific conversation.

Disappearing message options in WhatsApp


Many people rely on instant messengers to keep up with family and friends now. As such, WhatsApp says disappearing messages and end-to-end encryption are crucial to giving you full access to the conversations you might typically have in person, all without worrying about your privacy. 

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