WhatsApp Doubles Number of Video Chat Participants

It's still end-to-end encrypted, too

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption makes sure your video calls are secure, and now you can have twice as many people in them.

Eight video chat participants on WhatsApp mobile

WhatsApp has doubled the number of possible simultaneous video chat participants to eight to help more people connect during pandemic stay-at-home orders. 

Encryption: WhatsApp features end-to-end encryption, which means that your video (and text) chats are all secure from prying eyes, even those at Facebook-owned WhatsApp itself. The app is available on iOS and Android devices and works well on slower networks, making it a good alternative to other encrypted solutions, like the Apple-only FaceTime.

Competition: The aforementioned FaceTime allows up to 32 people to chat at once, while Zoom (not encrypted end-to-end) claims up to 1,000 participants at a time. Skype has a 50 person limit, Google Hangouts allows up to 10 (or 25 if you're a paid business user), and Facebook Rooms allows 50 people at a time to chat. Like Zoom, none of these solutions are end-to-end encrypted, however.

Bottom line: In our stay-at-home, virtual presence reality, having a secure video chat app that can work across devices and networks is an important option. Now that WhatsApp allows for more than a paltry four users at a time, it might become your new favorite way to stay in touch.

Via: 9to5Mac

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