WhatsApp Adds Chat Lock, Makes It Harder for Others to See Your Chats

It even hides them from your notification feeds

Messaging service WhatsApp just revealed a new feature intended to make conversations more private and secure.

It’s called Chat Lock, and the name is certainly fitting, as the tool allows you to tuck conversations away behind biometric or password-based authentication. In other words, you’ll need a current password, a fingerprint, or a face scan to access any locked chats. Additionally, the tool deletes any references to locked chats in your notifications feed. 

WhatsApp Chat Lock.


The functionality is simple enough to use. Just select a one-on-one or group chat and select the lock icon. These tools even let you lock WhatsApp entirely behind biometric authentication for more security. Parent company Meta says these tools are intended for use when "someone else is holding your phone at the exact moment an extra special chat arrives." 

Of course, this only locks the chat on your end. You would need both parties involved in a one-on-one chat to use the feature for absolute privacy. WhatsApp says it is prepping more functionality for Chat Lock, including setting custom passwords for locked chats and allowing locking across multiple devices. 

This is not the app’s only recent move to increase privacy and overall security. WhatsApp improved the verification system to dissuade scammers and added more nuanced options when dealing with disappearing messages. The Chat Lock feature is rolling out now to users, but this is a tiered release, so the update could take a week or so to reach your phone. 

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