Yahoo Chat Rooms: What They Used to Be Like

Yahoo's chat rooms are no longer available, but here's how they used to work

For beginners to Yahoo Chat, some of the internet's most popular free chat rooms could be a little difficult to navigate at first. However, with just a little guidance, Yahoo Chat was both easy and fun to use.

Below is a closer look at the Yahoo Chat Rooms Directory, the first thing you would see when accessing the chats on Yahoo Messenger.

Note: Yahoo's free chat rooms used to be accessible in Yahoo Messenger, but that service was discontinued in July 2018. The information reviews how Yahoo's chat rooms used to work.

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A Closer Look at the Yahoo Chat Rooms Directory

Yahoo Chat Rooms Directory
Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2011 Yahoo! Inc.

1. Yahoo Chat Categories

From this menu, users could navigate between the 17 categories and 39 subcategories of Yahoo Chat Rooms. Clicking a category would review the available Yahoo chat rooms in the opposite window panel.

2. Yahoo Chat Rules
Every community must have rules, and Yahoo Chat was no exception. Clicking this link would let you learn more about the room rules that guided users' activities and actions.

3. Go to Room
Once you chose your Yahoo chat room, selecting its title and clicking "Go to Room" would let you enter your Yahoo chat.

4. Chat Rooms Panel
From this menu, users could navigate between the different unique Yahoo chat rooms for each category.

5. Number of Webcam Users
Within the Yahoo chat rooms panel, users could view the number of users in the room with a live webcam connected and turned on.

6. Number of Chat Room Users
Next to each Yahoo chat room title in the rooms panel, users could also view the number of users in a particular chat room at that time.

7. Chat Room Aliases
You could protect your identity while using Yahoo Chat Rooms by creating aliases from your Messenger account settings.

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A Closer Look at Yahoo Chat Rooms

Yahoo Chat Rooms
Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2011 Yahoo! Inc.

Yahoo Chat Rooms would display certain elements after selecting them using the directory from Yahoo Messenger. In this guide, features are discussed numerically based on the graphic above (moving counterclockwise):

What Was Inside the Yahoo Chat Rooms

1. Chat Room Title
Located at the upper left-hand corner of the window, users could find the title of any Yahoo Chat room they open.

2. Actions
From the actions menu, Yahoo Chat Rooms users could locate a number of exciting features to share and connect with other Yahoo Chat users, including a webcam, voice chat, a file send feature, and a text chat.

3. Chat Room
This panel is where the action could happen; any message sent into Yahoo Chat would appear here.

4. Chat Rooms Panel
From this menu, users could navigate between the different unique Yahoo chat rooms for each category.

5. Text/Emoticon Area
To personalize the Yahoo Chat experience, users could add Yahoo emoticons, and make text bold, italics, or a different font or text color.

6. Text Field
Messages were entered here to send texts to the chat room.

7. Chat Room Users
From this panel, users could browse the users currently using the Yahoo Chat room where they were.

8. Webcam Users
Users with a TV set icon next to their screen name indicated that they had a live webcam connected. 

9. Audio Users
Audio users were those with an icon of a Yahoo smiley with headphones next to their Yahoo ID. This symbol conveyed that they were able to listen and respond using Yahoo Chat Rooms' audio settings.