What You Need To Know Before You Start Blogging

Writer working on laptop
Yuri/Getty Images

Blogging is a way of getting your voice heard on the Net. There are several different ways you can blog, many of which are free. Your blog lets you tell people about you, or about things you're interested in or passionate about. Adding photos, videos, and audio to your blog can make it even better. Here are some things you need to know about blogging before you get started.

Blogging Is Free

  • There are many free blog hosting sites out there on the Net that make blogging really easy.

Blogging Software Is Available

  • If you want to create your own blog instead of using one of the free blog hosting sites, there is blogging software available.

Photo Blogs Are Fun For Families

  • A photo blog is a blog that you can add photos to. More than that, though, it's a place where you can create stories about your photos. Share your photo blog with family and friends and let them comment on the photos or even add photos of their own.

There Are Rules

  • Although you can certainly blog about anything you want, if you want to stay out of trouble with other websites and bloggers, there are some blogging rules you should follow.

Creating Your Own Blog Is Easy

  • In just a few minutes you can have your very own blog up and running. Software, domain name, and everything will be done, and blogging can begin.

Creating a Blog Without a Domain Name Is Possible

  • Use a site like Blogger.com or WordPress to create your blog. Then you don't even need to create a domain name or buy blogging software.

Find Ideas To Write About

  • There are so many things to write about on your blog. It doesn't all have to be about you and what you're doing today. Write about things that interest you or things you may want to try, or have already tried.

Use Photos From Flickr In Your Blog

  • There are some Flickr photos you can use for free in your blog. Before you add any Flickr photos, though, make sure you understand the rules of using free photos.

Blogging Is Good For Many Reasons

  • Why blog? Maybe you like writing, are a passionate person, or just have something to say. Say it on your blog!

Make Money From Your Blog

  • It's true! People do make money from blogging. There are several different ways. As long as you're willing to put in the time and effort you can make a living from your blog.

Add a Wiki To Your Blog

  • Do you have a wiki? Add your wiki to your blog. Then people can join and read both.

Change Your Blog Layout

  • There are lots of blog templates on the Net that you can use to make your blog stand out in the crowd. Make your blog look the way you want it to by using one of these blog templates.

Blogging With Sound Is Possible

  • It's called Podcasting and it's a way of blogging your thoughts without having to type. Just speak your words and enter your post. Then your "readers" can listen instead of reading.

Add Your Blog To Your Website

Add Your Personal Photos

  • You have photos of your family all over your computer. Add your photos to your blog. This will create a more personal experience for your readers and a better read for them too. People are more likely to read something that has photos attached.

Have Fun!

  • Do it if you enjoy it. Blogging can be a lot of fun if you do it right. You'll meet other bloggers and link to their blogs, then they'll link back. Before you know it you're part of the blogging community.