What You Need To Know About The Apple Watch Series 2

There's a new Apple Watch on the market! Here's what's new!

The next generation of the Apple Watch is finally here. Called Apple Watch Series 2, the newest version of the Apple Watch looks surprisingly similar to the previous models with a few key improvements. Curious what's new? Here's what you need to know from Apple's big event:

It Looks Like The Original Apple Watch
If you look at the Apple Watch Series 2 and the original Apple Watch side by side, chances are you won't be able to notice a difference.

The watches look almost identical. The second generation watch is the same size as the first, uses the same watch bands, and is controlled in exactly the same way as the original mode. 

It's Water Resistant
One of the most notable new features is that the Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant to 50 meters, which means you can take it with you during a swim. During the announcement for the device, Apple showed off some of the tests its done with the watch to mimic heavy swimming, enough to ensure you should be able to swim with the watch with no concerns for it ever getting water damage.

One of the issues with initial make the Apple Watch waterproof was the speaker on the device.  In order for it to work, air has to get to it. With the new Apple Watch, Apple is using the speaker to expel water from the watch once you emerge from the water.

It Has Built-in GPS
The Apple Watch Series 2 also has built-in GPS.

As rumored, the feature allows the Apple Watch to track your runs and hikes even if you decide to not bring your iPhone along with you. Apple didn't include cell connectivity with this model, so while it can track your run, it won't be able to do things like deliver text messages and phone calls or notifications from your apps while you're away from your phone.


It Has a Faster Processor
The new Apple Watch has a faster processor, which Apple says makes the device 50% faster than the original model. Using it should cut down on the lag you get from when you tap on an app to when it launches and make using the watch generally a bit more snappy.

There's a Ceramic One
Apple introduced a ceramic version of the Apple Watch Series 2. While it might at first sound to be fragile, Apple says that the white ceramic is sturdier than stainless steel. The ceramic version is now what Apple is referring to as the Apple Watch Edition. Unlike the previous Edition mode, this one will on;y cost $1,249 for the 38mm version and $1,299 for the 42mm model, an improvement over last year's Edition that started at $10,000 and went up to $17,000 for the most expensive version. 

There's also a Nike Model
Apple has partnered with Nike on a new Nike+ model of the watch as well. Aptly named Apple Watch Nike +, the special Nike-branded version of the wearable has a breathable watch band (read: it has holes in it), and a special interface that is designed specifically to motivate you to run. In fact, if you don't run, the watch will hit you with "motivational" messages. For instance, it might tell you it's nice outside or that you're close to beating a friend, followed by "ARE WE RUNNING TODAY?" in all caps on the display.

It's not exactly subtle, but it might be just what you need to get up off the couch.

There's also a  Nike+ Run Club social network for watch owners to compete against their friends and special Siri commands. For instance, you can just say "Siri, let's go for a run!" to launch the running app. It will be available in late October.

The Original Apple Watch got an Upgrade
When Apple launched the Apple Watch 2 it decided to keep the original Apple Watch around as well; however, it gave it a tiny bit of an upgrade. The device sports the same processor as the second version of the Apple Watch, but isn't waterproof and doesn't have a GPS.

If you're willing to trade in those new features; however, you can save some cash. The Apple Watch Series 1 (as they're calling it now), is priced at $269. Apple Watch Series 2 starts at $369.