What Was Google Latitude?

Latitude iGoogle Gadget
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Location Sharing:

Latitude allowed users to share their physical location with other users on their contact list. Likewise, they could see the location of their contacts. Google eventually killed off Latitude as a standalone product and folded the functionality into Google+ 

If you want to share your location at either the pinpoint or more general city level, enable it through Google+ Location Sharing

Why would you want to do this? In most cases, you probably wouldn't. However, you might want to share your city location with friends or family members if you travel for work. I share my pinpoint location with my husband so he can see whether or not I've left the office and how close I am to home for dinner. 


Location sharing doesn't broadcast to the general public, either in Latitude or in Google+. In order to share your location, both you and your contact had to agree to the service and explicitly turn Latitude on. You still have to specify exactly who you're sharing your locaiton with in Google+. Location sharing was scary when it was first introduced, and a lot of people thought of it as spyware. 


You could communicate with people on your contact list by either text messaging, instant messaging, or phone. These services are obviously all now part of Google+ and Google Hangouts. 

Status Updates:

You can check into a location using Google+, just like you can using Facebook, Foursquare, Swarm, or many other apps. These days, location sharing and checking in are as controversial as they were as recently as 2013 when Latitude was finally killed.