What To Google When You're Bored: 10 Sites

Whether you've run out of interesting websites or are just procrastinating, sometimes we all need a kickstart to find websites that intrigue us and keep us occupied. Here are ten sites that offer a wide range of interesting content.
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ted talks
TED.com makes the most interesting, innovative, and forward-thinking talks from experts and thought leaders in every industry available for free on the Web. There are over 1500 talks available online, anything from inspirational stories about free education for girls to cutting-edge technology that helps us understand the greater human experience. The motto of TED is "Ideas Worth Spreading". More »
khan academy
Khan Academy provides free learning resources via a wide selection of extremely well-done videos. You can browse the library of videos on such subjects as Math (algebra, geometry, recreational math), Science (biology, physics, chemistry), and Humanities (world history, art history). You can also check out their hub of partner content from MIT, Stanford School of Medicine, and more. More »
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Memes are content of some type that gets passed around quickly to large numbers of people; this can be via email, word of mouth, blogs, Web sites, chat, pretty much any kind of Web communication. One of the most viral forms of content is distributed via Livememe, where viral meme photos are made available for users to write their own captions on. It's addicting! More »
random wikipedia page

We all love Wikipedia, so what happens when you can push a button to get a randomly generated page from one of the millions that Wikipedia has available? Hours and hours of wholesome entertainment; plus, you can get some amazing facts to impress people at the next cocktail party you attend. More »

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Test your knowledge at Sporcle, a brain teaser quiz site that gives you certain tasks to complete within a set time frame. For instance, you can test your geography skills, name the top Harry Potter characters, or see how much you know about Shakespeare. "Mentally stimulating diversions" indeed! More »
Project Gutenberg

Free books? Yes, please! Over 42,000 free books are available for download at Project Gutenberg, and you can read them in your browser too if that is what you prefer. Most, if not all, of these books can be downloaded straight to your e-reader so you can get them on the go. Of course, if you're just looking to kill some time, you can read them within your Web browser and your choices range from Agriculture to Children's Books to History. More »

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BuzzFeed is one of the most instantly addicting sites that I have ever encountered on the Web. This is a great site for when you're bored and need some reading material. It's definitely heavy on the entertainment side; however, there's also plenty of content on the more newsworthy side as well. Articles here have a way of grabbing your attention and sucking you into the next one....and the next one....and the next one, until you look at the clock and several hours have passed. More »

Mental Floss
Mental Floss offers up a daily dose of fascinating facts and trivia. You can find brain teasers, like math and logic puzzles, links to news stories, videos and memes from all over the Web, a daily set of trivia question on a wide variety of different subjects, "The Amazing Fact Generator" (random facts and trivia), and articles that focus on questions that many people wrestle with in the areas of science and history. More »
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Tumblr is a blogging ecosystem that you can use to not only create your own blog on any subject you can possibly think of, but you can also follow other people's Tumblrs and see their updates on your own personal dashboard, as well as tags (keywords) that you use to find content that you're interested in. Millions of blogs are available here for you to follow, and the really addicting thing about Tumblr is that everything you're interested in is collated in a nicely convenient way right in your Tumblr homepage - so you don't have to do anything, just let the content come to you. More »
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Reddit is a user-generated site - Reddit users contribute all content - with hundreds of thousands of categories and sub-categories, ranging from AMA (Ask Me Anything) to World News to Knitting to ELI5 (Explain Like I'm Five). Submissions are voted up or down by readers depending on authority, relevance, and timeliness; the most upvoted content tends to float up to the top of the Reddit categories (also called subreddits) and sometimes can even make it to the front page, which gets literally millions of page views per day. Reddit is one of the best sites on the Web for when you're looking for something new, since there is something new here constantly. More »